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Hey guys kinda new to the forums but ive been looking and reading about s14 240's for the past year or 2. I finally got mine last week and instead of going for the SR20 or the CA18 i decided on blowing the ka24det :hi: . I've already got some steps in my head of what i need to do but can you guys help me out because im not sure if its all correct or necessary.

1. Compression check on the pistons (friend said this helps detect faulty gaskets)
2. replace pistons with ross forge low comp pistons (looking at 8.5:1 or so)

After this im kinda stuck :banghead: . Im not sure whats necessary to prep the engine for turbo and whats just a nice lil add on. btw im looking at adding a t28 BB turbo and was wondering who would sell down pipes and manifolds, intercooler's etc. Can someone whos already turboed their ka really help me out here? Thanks guys. :thumbs:

posted by  MrBojangles

well, i havent turboed my ka... cuz well, i dont have one... 4A for me... anyways...
how much boost are planning to run out of the t28? any internal that you can replace that is stronger than stock will help... but you know this im sure... tell me what you got goin, and il try to help as best i can

posted by  mazda6man

You prepare a KA24DE for a turbo setup as you do with any older engine. You're right, have it compression checked.

Do a full tune up and replace all fluids, worn out parts, gaskets, and belts. If you'd like purchase lower compression pistons(not a must, but a good to have if you don't want detonation).

When I replaced the pistons in a SR20, the guy had them ceramic coated on top and cryogencially frozen. Just some things you CAN do if you'd like.

New valve train would be nice to have in the long run. Tunable Cam gears, stronger valves, vale springs, etc..

Higher flowing fuel pump, and fuel rail. These are a must have. Turbocharged engines can get mighty thirsty. Don't forget your fuel pressure regulator.

Obviously turbo exhaust headers. You'll also need a 2.5" or greater cat-back exhaust to help that turbo breathe.

Intercooler, and IC piping. You can build a custom, but that won't be neccesary. There are hundres of FMIC's available for a 240SX.

Stronger ignition, better spark plugs, and better wires if you don't allready have them.

Re-tuning of the Ecu. You'll want a new fuel map to get maximum performance.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR BOOST GAUGE. Very important. Also while you're at it install a boost controller and any other turbo related gauges or equipment you might wanna work with. (i.e. turbo timer)

Again, most of these things will come in a turbo kit, if not building your own turbo. Use your head, use gaskets where they belong, don't half ass the job or allow anyone to half ass it. You don't NEED everything above, unless otherwise noted. I've seen very crappily installed turbo applications run, but in my house we do things the correct way the first time. Because lazy people tend to do things twice. Your main concern is your motors phsyical condition, make sure there are'nt any leaks. Use common sense smart decisions, reasearch and read articles, and you should do just fine with the turbo set-up.

posted by  DSMer

Right now I only have 2 mods to my car, a Apexi N1 Catback (3.5 inch i think) and an Injen CAI. For the compression check would i be able to go to just any shop? I need a suggestion for a good set of turbo exhaust headers and pistons. Right now im looking at JE or Ross pistons and i havent even started looking for the headers. As for the boost question, i plan on running 16 on my drift setup and 12 as a daily driver. The part about keeping the turbo healthy i already know, particularly from my friends turbo "mistakes".
Thanks :thumbs: :thumbs: :clap:

posted by  MrBojangles

Well i found a stainless steel turbo manifold from but i still need a downpipe. I decided on eagle pistons and I am looking at a t3/t4 hybrid ballbearing turbo.

List of things to do:
1. Comp. Check
2. Replace radiator fluid (oil was replaced very recently)
3. Find Turbo manifold <-- Done
4. Find down pipe
5. Find turbo <-- Done

More to come but I'd rather start small and not think of how much is in front of me. O and btw the goal for hp at the end of this is 300hp. My friend's garage has got a dyno and while I'm there he said he has a couple 360cc injectors and a walboro 255lb fuel pump with my name on it.

posted by  MrBojangles

3.5 piping? holy cow... get that turbo on quick... cut that Db in half... haha
might try replacing rods, valves, valve springs, gaskets (of course... since youre taking the motor apart...)

posted by  mazda6man

The catback comes with the apexi silencer so its not very loud. Just emits a low toned humming noise... nice and rich and deep though lol.

posted by  MrBojangles

1 last question before i get started... will this application be better than a swap for my purposes (drifting/autocross). I've had an s13 with a sr20det in it and have become very familiar with its capabilities but i've never worked with a ka. I'm not familiar with its strengths or weaknesses compared to the sr so please anyone enlight me.

posted by  MrBojangles

Drifting and Autocross? Hell no, you might as well throw that KA24DE in the garbage now. The SR20 is by far the better application for drifitng and autocross. You can run with the KA, but the SR will give you far better powerband and weight balance.

posted by  DSMer

Well thats just great now.... so where is the closest to Atlanta that sells these suckers lol.

posted by  MrBojangles

The same and only place that sells them Japan. Try

posted by  DSMer

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