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I was just hoping that I could get some advise. I have the opportunity to buy 3 crx's for $3000us. One is a 91 crx si, and the other 2 are 92's the 91 runs but he said that he swapped the 1.6L and put in a 1.5L?? Of the 2 92's one runs but the tranny is shot as well as suspension, the other has a blown motor. Any advise? Thank you in advance

posted by  ciccmga

Umm!!! What are you trying to gain? A car? A junkyard?

posted by  DodgeRida67

i think if you strip each one of those cars and their parts you can build 1 super car :mrgreen:

posted by  Ki2AY

Haha, I'd take all 3 of them. You'd probably be able to chip em off at $1500 a piece if you fix-em up. Call up some favors, get a few engines and trannys. Make your money back and keep one.

Maybe you should negotiate that price to 28oo or 25oo, because 3K seems a little steep for some ragedy ass CRX's

posted by  DSMer

DSMer is right...once you have the room for all 3 you should take them, but try to negotiate for a little less thou

posted by  zedcyborg

Gotta go with DSM. Go with it, with a bargained price, and then fix em up and sell for more!

posted by  StiMan

Thank you everyone for the advise. I will talk to him and see if he will go lower. The si is the one I would keep since it already runs and some work has been done to it. (lowered 2", cai, newer prelude rims, and hurst short throw least that what he told me.) He was wanting to sell seperate from the other two but I told him to give me a package price. The other 2 he said he would throw in a set of konig rims with them. I was gonna get one running and sell it and send the other to the junk yard.

posted by  ciccmga

oh by the way he was akso trying to get rid of a 91 laser gsr awd. he didnt give me a price but he did say that the motor was "burnt". I dont think I wanna try for that one, but if anyone is interested, I will ask.

posted by  ciccmga

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