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Some pics of nissans. Most of them are mates cars so they don't mine me posting their cars.
Thats a R33 Gtst with a trippy paint job at Broadwater car park (Gold Coast Australia)
Thats a rear shot of a s13 silvia. Gold Coast again.
Some hotties in a 300zx at Gold Coast :)
There's a mix of s13 silvias, 180sx, s14 200sx and s15 200sx
Thats a s15 200sx. My car.
A Smick 180sx

posted by  57ock

thats not bad man, just put some mods on it, it will be allright

posted by  S2000Boy

nice s15, i have a 240sx(s14) i put in a s15 sr20dett with the 6spd tranny!! its fast and nice, i had to do that, since i cannot buy the s15 here!

posted by  fury604

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