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hey, does anyone kno why honda engines never go higher then a v6?
most of their cars seem to be 4c or v6, i would love to see a uber v8 type-r sumtime in the future, any1 kno if thats gonna happen?

and while im on the topic of engines, im a noob as u can see,
whats the difference between
Gli ,vtec, and all those other ones(if it is the engine that makes them different)


posted by  n00b

Hondas Sucks Ass

posted by  KA Drifter

honda does not need v8's. displacement is not everything in an engine. An integra 1.8L can smoke a V8 stang... so you figure it out. I'm not sure what gli is... but vtec is what honda named their variable valve timing system.

posted by  no9t9

umm.......... i dont know from wat screwed up hyper-mirror universe u come from, but i can guarantee no stock 1.8 integra can smoke a V8 stang, both stock, not in straights atleast.

and vtec stands for like 7 words..... cant remember exactly. variable valve timing and lift electronic control i think it was...... i dunno, google it.

as for the whole V8 thing, honda probably doesnt find them economical enough. that and the whole idea of a family car using a V8 revving up to 7800rpms sounds a bit psychotic....

posted by  Inygknok

What kinda half assed comment is that? please asshole do you really think people care for your arrogant oppinion! No they dont

honda suck ass...

yea tell me why? because there slow or the ultimate rice car. you couldnt even give reasons! :fu: how stupid does that make you? :doh:

if you have criticism you need some facts to back it up at least instead of making a utter pointless and dumb point that isnt going to change anyones mind or make any reasonable crediblity to me.. ohh sorry forgot to welcome you ! :fu: Ass

posted by  Lukaz

hondas are some of the best motors... how many companies can pushout approx. 180 ponies from a 1.8 liter stock... not many, toyotas coming close... but i dont see many companies coming close...

posted by  mazda6man

by the way, in ratio... thats 100 ponies per liter... thats a lot... considering that lets say mustang 5.0 how many ponies that got, 300 something? (i dont know how much exactly) but thats only 60 ponies per liter... quite a diff... if honder were to make a 5 liter motor.... holy crap that thing would be insane...

posted by  mazda6man

Honda for the past 8 or so years has had a V-8 development program (for production cars) up and going but keeps getting over-shadowed and not really funded. The program was setup to provide a powerplant for the next gen NSX that was set to debut as a 97/98 model buit never came to suffice. After that Honda saught no need in really building a V-8 so they just put off the program. Right now the team isn't getting much attention and Honda has no plans of introducing a V-8 in the next 3 years. A lot of people say they need one, but I don't they do, RIGHT NOW. The NSX and RL are the primary contenders getting rediculed for not having a V-8 engine option. Well, ridiculers just got a slap in the face with the new 2005 RL and it's 'old' SOHC 24v 3.5L V-6 now has 300hp (about as much as any V-8 competitor power/weight wise) and has the most advanced AWD system of any production car. In the next generation of the RL I'd highly expect a V-8 though (but who knows how long that'll be, this RL that is going out for 2004 below has been around for a decade).

You ask, "well what about the next generation NSX coming out for the 2006 model year?" The simple answer is this: If Honda can reach their target weight of 2850lbs and they already produce a SOHC 24v 3.5 V6 putting out 300hp, the chances of them having a 3.5 DOHC 24v i-Vtec V6 putting out 350+hp is very likey, N/A (the JGTC NSX uses that very engine less i-vtec). But, more sources point to Honda going back to older times, older forced induction times, and having the same powerplant they use in the JGTC (3.5L V-6 DOHC 24v, just a bored and stroked C32b2) and using low compression and a turbo to boost it to a minimum of 400hp.

Another vehicle coming out from Honda is the Ridgeline (or as you know from car shows, the SUT). This is Honda's SUV with a bed offering (like a Ford Explorer Sport Trac) and it's going to use a 3.5L SOHC 24v V6 for it's powerplant (~250hp and ~240tq, same engine Honda gave to GM to use in the Saturn VUE {ever wonder why GM's fastest N/A V-6 vehicle is a SUV? Well, it uses a Honda V-6, now you know}) which is fine for competition speaking. But as soon as they start offering these SUVs with big torque V-8's, I believe for the Ridgeline to survive it must have a V-8 as well, but that's looking way into the future.

Vtec (or Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) is actually a unique system developed by Honda (still unique to this day in fact, not one variable valve timing system from any other manufacturer uses the exact same process). The newer system (i-Vtec or intelligent-vtec) is basically vtec (higher rpm power) but doesnt sacrifice low-midrange torque (which we all know Hondas get rediculed for).

Hope this answers what you were searching for.

posted by  thunderbird1100

wow! cool thanks
filled alot of gaps :P thanks man.

posted by  n00b

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