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hi, im thinking of getting a 05 mitsubishi eclipse, but i cant find any info on the 05 version, anyone got any info on it?

posted by  101001

Same Eclipse as for the last 5 model years...basically. They just dropped the base model RS.

I wouldn't bother with this Eclipse, nor the next generation coming out for 2006, doesn't look promising.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The new versions of the Eclipse are robot-like if you ask me, and I would rather have the older body style, like the 98'...OK, I used to have a 98' but traded it for my 03' Galant...That was a sucky move, but I needed a 4 door...I have a baby now...But I would wait for a cooler one if I were you... :2cents:

posted by  Cupcke

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