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Hi, i live in canada...I'm 17, and have started to save enough for a car. I would like an asian import with probably under 170 000 orignal kms. I dont want to spend anymore than something close to $5000.. $4000-$4800 would be a good price. I've been looking at probably a 1993 or 1994 civic hatchback because it is a good car and in my price range. I will be going to college next semester...so this cars probably going to be easy on the bankaccount when it comes to its gas milleage. Is there any other suggestions for what i could get? I need something reliable, something that keeps its value (ex honda, toyota, maybe even mazda), i want 4 cyl, and those are really my only "must haves." 5 speed would be nice, though its not a big deal. I've come across a 1991 civic sedan, DX i believe..They're asking $3000, and its got 170,000 orignal kms. I also just missed out on a 1994 protege with 112k original k's. Please give me your input, because i'm sure some of you may be in the same situation as me, and i KNOW many of you know much more about cars than i do.

posted by  kevin99

The honda would be okay IF you dont modify it. Loud exhast and rear wings aren't the coolest. but other than that, its a good value if it doesn't break down on you. If you pay 3000 bucks for it just expect to get what you payed for. Good luck in colledge. :2cents:

posted by  dylanadams

Nissan s13's are really good cars (1989-1994 240sx) and usually have great reliability. Plus you can get quality models from 3500-5k

posted by  MrBojangles

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