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Hey there,

My boyfriend drives an RX-7 and absolutely loves it. He saw a video or dvd on a website that was all about it with footage of racing etc and REALLY REALLY wants it. Kindly, he's left it up to me to get hold of it for him for Christmas! I was just wondering if anyone here knew of any sites that sell anything like this? we've both trawled the internet searching for it and I think it's time to enlist the help of others!


posted by  thinkpink

is it just racing or drifting? try going to ebay, and type in option d1 or something... granted it will probably be in japenese, but hey, the best part is watching the cars... not the people talking

posted by  mazda6man

The RX-7 has a huge devoted fan base and if you can't find your particular video I'm certain you can find another good one out there somewhere.

By the way, what year is your boyfriends car?

posted by  Zalight

its possible 2 go to mazda.com and browse to see if they're any dealers in ur area.....but im not sure

u could give it a try

posted by  mark_X

shes looking for videos not an actual RX7, her boyfreind already drives one.

posted by  Zalight

:stupid: (To Mark_X)

posted by  StiMan


:clap: (To Mark_X)

posted by  WeaponR

tell your boyfreind that they don't make RX-7's anymore so if he busts the engine hes ****ed get an RX-8

posted by  TopRPm

How fecking helpful. I guess no one in your world ever rebuilds engines, or thinks that parts for cars older than a week old exist.

posted by  ChrisV

Um, not sure if I can mention piracy here....but if you go to a bittorrent download site, there is this video you can get called "drift bible"...Keiichi Tsuchiya, the "drift king" explains concepts and stuff, how to drift with different cars...

hope that's helpful

posted by  R3LAPSE

I read in a mag that Mazda had some plans for a super-powerful RX-7, and I saw it a week ago, Ill try to find it, but it doesnt make sense, why a 7 and not a 8 given the fact they dont make the 7 anymore...?? :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

is this it?


posted by  aspen

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