89 supra iffy plz help dont know what to do!!

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ok my aunt has this supra MK3 which i adore, but theyre gonna give it away. now theyl give it to me but its sorta a problem cuz my dad doesnt want it in the lawn cuz its rusty and junky looking and it doesnt run. supposedly they got a new engine (7mge) from japan but i dont know...i htink it may be a celica engine but ill have to check on that. it also needs a battery :/. it also has an overheating problem. keep in mind i would get it for free....except for towing it cuz it doesnt run. around $150 towing. unless we fixed the overheating and got a battery or w/e

what do u think i should do? any suggestions to convince my dad to let me take it?

i know its sorta unrealistic cuz im 15, i dont have a job (yet) i have barely any money and not all the time in the world, but i think i could do it if i tried. is it too much of a hassle or do u think i should go for it?

its rusty
no battery
just plain old
prolly has amillion little problems

i love that car
its gonna go soon
did i mention giva away

:/ btw its non turbo and it has a 7mge in ther ( i hope :laughing: )

aghh this is killing me it just sucks.
is rust that hard to fix? anyways yea plz help with suggestions ill post later right now i gotto go wake up at 5

posted by  kakapoopie

i have a 7mgte in mine....... its hard when u mention that u have no money to fix it and that its rusted up..... that makes things harder for any given car.....

posted by  Inygknok

oh just wondering if its been near the beach and with the salt water and all...would this make the car a complete disaster from the salt spray and the rust?

what i mean to say is would the salt water nearby cause extreme problems?

posted by  kakapoopie

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