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I have moved my thread from the Tech section to here in the hopes of getting some help - here it is.

Hope some very experienced diagnostic pro can help me with this one. I have two 1995 Hyundai Accents. Both automatic, EFI, power brakes and steering, no AC or other power options. Both have experienced the same problem for over a year. From time to time with no common factor between them, including the weather, one or the other will not start. Turning the key activates all accessories but the engine will not turn over. No sound whatsoever. No starter clicks, no nothing. Sitting for periods ranging from two to five minutes and trying again will always spark the cars to life. Sometimes more time is needed sometimes less. This can happen on a warm or cold start. On rare occasions, again from a warm or cold start, the engine will turn over but not catch. Waiting the required time frames will always result in startup. Both cars have been checked several time from stem to sturn by the local certified Hyundai dealer and by several independent top rated mechanic shops in two different cities - Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario. No one can find the problem and of course the vehicles alway start when they are at the garage. There are no Hyundai tech bulletins that I can locate regarding the situation and I can find no references on the internet. One car I can see, but this happens to both. They were not purchased together. On one we started with a major tuneup, then replaced the battery and finally the starter. No one thing or combination fixed the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Electric Bill :doh:

posted by  Electric Bill


I have exactly the same problem with my accent. Did you ever get any resolution on this?



posted by  DGray

Well, there doens't seem to be a known reason for those symptoms, but it does seem to be common in the '95-96 Accent 9the first years of that model). Normally I'd check teh grounding of the starter, but it could also be an issue with the key.

The thing to do would be to check woth an electrical tester (even a test light) and see if power is getting to the starter solenoid when the key is turned to the start position (on one of the times the car doesn't start). if it is, the problem is in the solenoid, if it isn't then the problem is very likely in the key housing itself (the next test would be to see if power is coming out of the key when turned to start).

Another thing that could be causing it is the neutral safety switch, which keeps the car from cranking over in gear. If it isn't doing it's job, it might think it's still in gear (it may be releasing slowly, so letting it sit for a while gives it time to completely open).

posted by  ChrisV

Hi Bill am having the same problem will post if I find something

posted by  boxer

try this next time it wont start move the gear shifter to neutral there is a safety neutral switch in the wiring to the starter keeps the car from starting in gear but can also wear at the contacts shifting to neutral will move the contacts this switch is commonly missed on starter problems

posted by  osborste

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