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I have a 92 Sentra that suddenly decided not to start. I had left the car sitting for a few days and when I went to move it it turns over but won't start. I added some gas and water removal additive (its been raining alot) I checked for spark at one plug and it looked like good fire. I pulled the fuel line off the top of the fule filter and it shot fuel when I hit the key. That's all I know to check.. Any ideas? also how can I tell if the timing chain broke? That was one person's suggestion. Thanks..

posted by  jp1164

Well you say you left the car sitting for a few days. Not that this happens normally or anything; but did you check your battery? Also if your timing chain is broke, it will be clearly visible(92 Sentras have timing "chains"? I thought they had belts?). Anywhos just do a visual check for any suspiscious things about the engine. If you're still not sure when the day is done, have it looked at by an ASE or Nissan Service Tech.

posted by  DSMer

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