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I currently own a 1994 Honda Civic Sedan, and I am considering lowering it. I found this lowering kit on ebay, and I was wondering if I can get some opinions on it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&tc=photo&item=7937 506662&category=33582

I have never lowered a car, so I do not know what are good products and what are bad products for lowering.

Thanks in advance.

posted by  94civicman8

it looks like it does the job... but just remember that you get what you pay for

posted by  mazda6man

What type of springs or coilovers would you recomend for lowering my car? Currently, I am in the process of getting my car painted, and I am a little low on funds. :cry: So, I want a good lowering kit that is 100 dollars or less.

posted by  94civicman8

"Lowering Kit"? They sell those? God, what has the world come to. For starters, if this is your everday driver why are you trying to lower it? Is there some sort of "performance goal" you are attempting to accomplish? Because let me tell you, its not going to give you anything short of a shitty ride, and a moderatley decent look.

Save yourself the hassle of attempting to do something that can't be done short of a few thousand. Your car was given its suspension by honda engineers that spend relentless hours to perfect it. Adding $100 of crap is'nt going to improve your car, it'll only make it worse.

posted by  DSMer

still the same old DSMer.. :ohcrap:

dude.. i dont see your point in buying anything like that.. like (^ he) said..

i suggest you give it some serious thought..

posted by  WeaponR

The reason that I am considering lowering the car, is because the 17 inch rims that I bought for it gives the car a lifted apperance. I was hopping that if I lower the car, than it will look better with the wheels. I am not doing it for the performance (or lack of performance) that the springs or lowering kit will provide, I am just doing it for enhance the looks of the car.

What other method would you choose to give my car a lowered look? Should I considering buying a body kit?

posted by  94civicman8

if the 17 inch wheels give the car a lifted look.. shouldnt you conside smaller rims.. maybe something that will fit without looking like its on a jack all the time.. :ticking:

posted by  WeaponR

Its cheaper to lower the car then buy new rims and tires.

posted by  94civicman8

would've saved you some alot more if you'd been a good boy and not bought those huge ass wheels.. which now dont even fit well.. :banghead:

posted by  WeaponR

You really screwed up by going ahead and buying the rims and tires, perhaps you could just sell those on Ebay and then go from there? :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I bought my wheels and tires in March, without looking at other civic's with 17 inch rims. If I would have seen a Civic with 17 inch rims, I probably would have not bought the 17s :banghead: . I should have just bought 16 inch wheels and tires. I really like my wheels, and selling them on ebay is not a good option for me.

I am now thinking about buying a bodykit, in order to give my car a lowered look without changing the stock suspension.

posted by  94civicman8

if its performance you want like handling increase get a strut brace.

i own a civic and i dont see why ud need to lower it to be honest.

posted by  Lukaz

Jesus! Could we get off the ignorant, opinionated, crap responses please?????

Your ****ing opinion about what does and doesn't look good is about as worthwhile as dog poop on the bottom of my shoes.

For a daily driver, it doesn't f*cking matter WHAT gets done to it, as max performance ins't a f*cking GOAL! I've had PLENTY of daily driver lowriders with inexpensive mods that drove JUST F*CKING FINE! :evil: Hell, the car in my sig rides just fine, with a 2" drop accomplished by cutting the stock f*cking coils!

Bullshit, plain and simple. STOCK parts are a compromise to meet regulated bumper height laws, plain and simple. If you couldn't improve on stock stuff, then no amateur racer or hot rodder could have ever done it, and there are millions of examples to the contrary. And if it was done right the first time, it couldn't be improved upon in subsequent years. You think my V8 RX7 was worse than stock?

Please, people, if you don't have anythign but retarded opinions about a technical subject when asked, don't f*cking respond.

Decent lowering kits don't require being complete coilovers. They could be rewound coil springs designed to give the same spring rate at a shorter height (either more coils or a thinner diameter wire). The shocks/struts will have increased resistance, or increased internal travel, with protection from being bottomed out, though a small (2-2.5" drop) with shaved bump stops will still ride pretty decent with springs that are barely stiffer than stock.

Does your car look basically like this?

http://www.webmycar.com/zonecar/webacarphoto.nsf/UNID/567F0109DE852A1DC1256 E0E0067BA2E/$FILE/civic0004_600.jpg

If so, a simple 2" drop would make everything tuck nicely, and that's pretty simple. Stock struts will still work, with coils that sit lower by 2" when installed, and slightly stiffer than stock to get the rate back. the problem most people have when cutting stock coils is going too far, or doing it unevenly, both of which set you up for bad ride and handling. A 2" trim where both sides are done identically would be easy, and using aftermarket coils would be best (since so many companies make them for Civics). the main issue with aftermarket coils is they are either for show, and too low to be used by themselves without some other suspension mods, or they are considerably stiffer for either better handling or to keep them from bottoming out. That makes the ride worse.

Cutting the coils will make them stiffer (higher rate) due to being shorter. Sometimes you can compensate by getting slightly softer springs from a lower trim level of your car before cutting, which will allow you to end up with a rate that is pretty much identical to stock. But you need to compensate for stock suspension travel by allowing enough room for the tires to move without rubbing.

The kit that you're looking at WILL be stiffer than stock, and ride harsher, but that may be an acceptable tradeoff (I find most stock vehicles to be too soft anyhow).

posted by  ChrisV

I'll cut this short and simple. Being a daily driver, it DOES in fact matter whats done to it(Max performance may not be a goal, but I think saftey is a priority). Thats pretty arrogrant coming from somone of your stature. Regardless to what YOU can drive, or choose to drive(be it lowered or not) thats your choice. I won't suggest anyone to do something I would'nt do myself. So if you believe in the backyarded mechanic ways of cutting coils in half, thats you. I was taught to do things properly and correct the first time. Now if you go up to his original post he gave specific links to products he wanted to purchse. Its just so happens to be an off-brand generic lowering kit. The same off-brand kit that I have seen malfunction on plenty of civics. From the springs cracking, bottoming out, stressing out of position... I can continue.

Point being, he was trying to go the cheap way out. I was'nt giving ignorant opinions. I was giving information based on my experiences. Those exact same kits I've seen and heard nothing but bad experiences from. I was giving him farewarning. Sure his springs could work perfectly fine, they could not. I was simply suggesting an alternative of a better kit, or full suspension(IF he was looking for performance, he simply said lowering. Lots of people in his position lower there cars for "performance". I was simply covering all grounds). To put it more simply. I would'nt trust a generic battery in my pace-maker, just as I would'nt trust generic springs under my car. You may beleive in other methods, thats you. He asked for an opinion and that is what I gave him. If you have a problem with that, you can take that up with yourself.

posted by  DSMer

you two stop bitching now.. the guy needs some help here..

posted by  WeaponR

Ditto. The people of CF need to stop thinking about the drivers and think about the cars, or else it would be called DF, Driver-Forums... Stop bitching and start helping. :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

I already did. Look at the bulk of my post, talking to the Civic owner about his car and springs.

posted by  ChrisV

You're a moron if you think it's unsafe. And I'll hammer that home forever. You simply don't know what you're talking about. And with a few milion combined miles on cars done like the ones I've talked about, I think I have a BIT more direct f*cking experience than you, thankyouverymuch.

In fact YOUR statement is the one that's arrogant, ignorant and uninformed. And that's the NICEST thing I can say about it.

Jesus, I can't believe how pissed off I am right now. I've taken the time to STUDY this in depth over the years to make SURE I knew what I was talking about, and then a complete retard like yourself comes along and can say what you say after i discuss it?

Listen you dumbass POS. I was taught how to do things back when there wwerne't any aftermarket springs for most of the cars we worked on. You did it yourself if you wanted to be competetive on the track or you wanted it to work on the street. The same math that allows modern spring companies to make different springs for cars was what people like Herb Adams (know the name? Look it up) teach how to cut springs in his books on making cars handle. The same concepts still work, especially if what you want still isn't available in the aftermarket.

It IS doing it the "right way." You're just to f*cking stupid to know it.

Which is why I didn't suggest USING that f*cking kit, retard. But there was more to passing out information than simply saying "don't use that kit" and there's more to passing out useful information than "spend the most money you can on the most expensive coil-over kit available." Unless you want to go to his house and f*cking pay for it yourself, that's not the ONLY viable solution!

You're the same kind of person that said that my RX7 couln't be built for under $10k, and would have the balance ruined because it couldn't possibly be done "right" as Mazda engineers designed it around that little rotary engine and spent millions engineering it the "right" way.

Get your retarded theories out of a factual discussion, or at least learn something NEW.

So was I. And guess what? My decades of experience trumps your experience of NOT using kits, but merely therizing absed on seeing someone ELSE use a kit. Maybe those f*ckers installed it wrong? Did you ever f*cking think of that? No, apparently not.

posted by  ChrisV

Pfft, I can't be bothered with your "I have XX years of this and that" bullshit. I know what I was taught. You staring at a board of information for 30+ years does'nt make you anymore better than if I stared at newer one for 5 years and got the same exact thing revised.

Not saying I know more than you, because thats not true. Point being I respect your knowledge but don't knock on me because what I learned differs from what you learned some 30 odd years ago.

You can curse and get heated all you want. I'll just continue doing my studies at school re-learning all your old "half-assed" methods the "right" way.

posted by  DSMer

Although I dont either of these two very well, I must say Dsmer sounds a little bit more convincing simply because of the fact that the information he is talking about happens to be newer. Not to mention the fact that it is stupid to buy anything from a no-name generic company. Honestly, it comes down to this: You get what you pay for. Never take the cheap way out.

posted by  Step Up

Your choices are
Eibach Pro-Kit or Sportline for 94 civic
HKS Sf5's for 94 civic
Skunk2 has race lowering springs for 94 civic
H&R has tons of lowering springs for the 94 civic
Dont get that one you found on ebay its not trustworthy... coilovers are too expensive if you just wanto lower it... so just get lowering springs... just search around ebay and look for the brands i just listen. those brands are more trustworthy.. but it really depends on how much you willing to spend.. if u wanto spend alot get coilovers because they have flexable height adjustment and are good performance wise. and if your willing to spend alot dont get it from ebay... lowering springs do help your performance a little but it harms it on other ways... but remember depending on how much your lowering you might haveto get alignment/camber kits to make sure your tires are flat on the ground... :mrgreen:

posted by  import_nation

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