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Hi all. Last night, my car would not start, all electrical (lights, radio, wipers, etc) was working. But I did noticed that the clock got reset. When I turned the key, there was a clicking noise under the hood that sounds like something is trying to turn. So i figured the starter went dead.

20 min. later, I tried to start the thing again and this time when I hold the key in the start position, it finally started. So I drove home. After 10 minutes on the road, I noticed that steam/smoke was coming out under the hood at a redlight. It was raining so for a split second I thought it was just the heat of the engine evaporating the rain. But then I realized my temperature gauge was abnormally high, almost red-lining! I wasn't far from home so I went at a turtle pace to allow the temp. remained around half-way up.

As soon as I parked there was a lot of steam/smoke coming out under the hood. I let the car cooled down and try to troubleshoot. My mechanic did tell me I have an slow oil leak back in August but I kept the oil level at full. I checked the dipstick and sure enough there was lots of oil in the engine. then I noticed there is a 5mm crack along the rubber hose that runs from the radiator to the engine. I am not sure how it got there. The hose looks very new and the crack cannot come from old age.

My question is, could that little crack cause my radiator to fail to keep the engine cool? Also, I drove the thing for 30min to a resturant, parked it for an hour for dinner and that's when the problem started. If my engine was too hot, wouldn't that 30min drive be enough to set my car on fire? And if the engine won't start because of internal overheating (as I understand that it's one of the causes), why would my clock got reset?

Any ideas?

Thanks, and sorry about the long story.

posted by  yauser

What happened in one of my dad's business cars is that an oil line started leaking and the oil began dripping on an exposed wire causing a short in the dash. Before i got my 240 i was the one driving it for about 2 months without my dash (i just drove behind ppl to keep my speed in check). Anyways i think if you have a hose leak its possible for it to be shorting out your eletrical by coming in contact with an exposed wire. Thats just one possibilty that i thought of because it happened to me. I suggest letting a mechanic do a full diagnostic on the car to see what a professional says.

posted by  MrBojangles

Thanks for the reply. I think you are pretty much bang on with what my conclusion is after a little inspection in the daylight. I checked the coolant reservoir and sure enough it's empty. also, the radiator seems to be running dry after i took the cap off. and all the engine parts on the side where the crack on the hose is all seem to have a wet shine to them even after a night of drying from rain/steam. and some retain a little bit of the green liquid. i guess i'll have them replaced the hose, then wash off the remaining liquid and that should be it. i hope.

posted by  yauser

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