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Need some help on this one -

I have a '96 Geo Prizm that seems to drain the battery charge if not run each day. Thinking the battery was the source, I replaced it two weeks ago. All has been fine, until yesterday...the car sat, undriven, for about 36 hours. When I went to start it this morning, it didn't have enough battery power, and had to be jump-started. This is the same symptom that was there before I replaced the battery.

Somewhere, I read today that this model and year had some sort of problem with the factory stereo and an internal capacitor that would cause the battery to drain.

I'm going to try disconnecting the fuse to the radio and see how it behaves over a day or so.

Any other ideas and help are welcome!

Cheers! :banghead:

posted by  sjb80

I'm new to this forum and didn't get any responses on my first entry...I have some new symptoms as of last night...

Headlights seemed to be dimming as I was driving home. I had the headlight high beams on and the radio and windshield wipers on, too. Within about a 1/2 mile of home, the battery/altenator dashboard light came on. I switched to low beams and turned off the radio and the battery dashboard light went out.

High beams back on and it reappeared.

This morning, the car battery is down to ~1 volt (DEAD!!!) and this battery is only a week old.

So based on all this, I'm assuming the alternator has just about had it. I will pick up a rebuilt one today at noontime and install it tonight. Hopefully, this is the problem...based on all the symptoms, it seems to make sense.

Any inputs on this would be greatly appreciated...

posted by  sjb80

well i have a 92 prism at home, (my first car lol) and the alternator went out on me with the same problem that your haveing.. try replaceing the alt with a brand new one (if you have the cash) i havent had any problems since then. (i drive my geo every few days to save on gas with my camaro)


posted by  83camaro

wrong forum, son. Geo prism is a domestic car. It's made by chevy.

posted by  EK_Eran_Ek

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