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:thumbs: hey, i just wanted to let ppl know that my boyfriend is selling his mr2, and i wanted to help him out a little. unfortunatley i do not have a picture of it at this moment, but it is in very good condition. here's a few things to mention... it is a beautiful red color, (not stock red either) he made a lot of carbon fiber parts for it. he also made non pop up headlights. it has t-tops(very nice for summer) its got wheels, exaughst, all sorts of guages inside...great stock sound system and much more. sorry i cant give you the actual termanology and such, i dont know that much about cars, but i can tell you that is fricken awesome and i kinda dont want him to sell it...but college costs $ ya know? if anyone is into MR2's or just wants to check it out, you can email me at , and if you are serious about it, ill give you his contact info. he's asking 8,000$ (he does not know im doing this:) thanks :D

posted by  vwgurl

that's pretty nice, you like VW's? my girl freind has 2002 Jetta GLI.

posted by  S2000Boy

I wish I had a girlfriend like that... :(

posted by  Motorhead

vwgurl wrote -
"its got wheels, exaughst"

Wheels and an exhaust are very handy features for a car to have but you'll find that most cars tend to have four wheels and at least one exhaust P

posted by  snoopewite

Oh great guru of wheels and exhaust, thank you again for enlightenment. What about a Reliant Robin? 8) At least give her credit for calling them wheels and not "rims".

Hey snoope, how ya been.

posted by  vwhobo

vwhobo, I did take the Reliant Robin into account and I did say that MOST cars tend to have four wheels and not ALL cars tend to have four wheels. I've been the same as usual - I feel like shit and I want to die. Thanks for asking and how are you?

posted by  snoopewite

It sounds like I'm doing better than you. My tummy is full of fresh crawdads and cold beer and I'm waiting for somebody to bring me a wad of cash. Could be better but I'm not complaining.

Sounds like you might need to spend a weekend down at Brighton. ;)

posted by  vwhobo

Hmmm, crawdads, cold beer and a wad of cash. I get paid cash in hand now so it's good to feel the money that I earn instead of it going straight into my account ) I can't say that I'm too bothered about a weekend in Brighton although I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever I do next week that I've got off work D

posted by  snoopewite

hey, yes i love VWs. always have. im not too into the newer jettas tho. im not sure about that rounded look, although they are very nice inside and a sharp looking model. umm... the compliments are sweet thank you. i just thought id give it a try and see if there were any interested ppl. sorry about the wheels thing. you all got off to an interesting conversation on that topic. but like i said im not a car genious. :thumbs:

posted by  vwgurl

see I'm more into the newer style Jetta's...I really don't like the older models unless a lot of work is done to them. So what kind of VW you have? Where are you from? That may help people that are interested in the MR2!

posted by  JettaChiC20

location just might help huh? :oops: we live in the "quiet corner" of CT. Eastern CT.

as for my jetta, its a 96 green jetta GL. before that, i had a 90 jetta lll wolfsburg edition. both really great cars. i love mine. it sucks tho, cuz everyone around has got one ya know? but yeah..when you see a version like mine done up, its incredibly nice:) ive been going to Lime Rock with my boyfriend for the past 3 yrs now, and the first year i went it was the touring cars and there was a wicked nice jetta racing. around my year. kinda had the look of the one in that movie fast and the furious. yes, the movie was kinda lame...but this car definatley was not:)

posted by  vwgurl

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