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My daughters 2000 Elantra with 56,000 miles on it automatic transmission is not shifting properly. We bought it second hand and it is out of warranty.

When in D it doesn't shift down to low to start out. It takes a long time
to get up to speed.
When she puts it in L and manually shifts the car it goes fine.
Any ideas on what is sticking or what needs to be replaced?

She is away at college and I would like to be able to inform her
on the problem rather than taking it to the dealer or transmission repair shop
and having them say it needs a complete rebuild.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  plasticfilm

hi, i had the same problem as you, and these are what i tried, they worked for a while, and every time that the problem seems to occure, i have tried this
and it seem to fix it for a while.
any way -
i changed and flushed my tranny fluid - new filter - gasket, and fluids, (genuine hyundai diamond fluid available at the dealer, it expensive $9 a quart, but it's recomended), and that helped it for a while, and then i discovered when it started to do it again, all i would do it check the fluid level of the tranny while it was hot and running, and it would subdue it's self,
i personnally believe it to have something to do with air getting into the tranny lines somehow, and when i pulled the dipstick out, the air bubbles would clear them self out.
give it a try - that's my 2 cents :2cents:

posted by  winkenstein

found out the exact answer to the problem, it is a $25 fix, and the part is only available at the dealer, it is called "pulse genorator",
what it is and where it is attached is as follows, first off, what it is and looks like, it is 2 magnets in a plastic housing with a wire coming off of each one and going to a wire harness that consists of 4 wires. where it is attached ---
one magnet is one the bottom of the transmission that has a wire going from it to another magnet that is attached at the top of the transmission, and from there it goes to a 4 wire plug that you'll find up in the engine bay .
they are attached to the tranny with a 10mm bolt holding each magnet on, it is a VERY simple fix.

posted by  winkenstein

Your problem is the car
Hyundai = crap

posted by  JDMprelude92

That's what domestic fans said about Hondas and other "jap crap" in the '70s (and some still say now). They were as wrong then as you are now.

posted by  ChrisV

Yeah, I drive a Honda but I don't think these cars are crap. Also, my brother had some problems like this on his Toyota and he drained the tranny, changed the filter and fluid, and then it worked like new again. I'm not sure if it was the same exact problem, but if you do like winkenstein said, it would probably help.

posted by  Nickboxer7

call them crap all you want but they just got ranked 2nd, tied with honda, just under toyota in least amount of problems per vechile, plus the warranty is amazing, though i don't understand why you would not buy from a hyundai from a dealer because even used you get the balance of a 5/60,000 powertrain and bumper to bumper.


posted by  chris1017

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