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hi, im 17 and from minnesota. my parents are willing to get me a car for my senior year in high school and for college. i was thinking about a honda civic or maybe a toyota camry because they are reliable and great gas mileage. since its my first car, my parents said i had to get a used car, and im fine with that. i saw a 98 civic with about 115k miles and and 98 camry with about 110k miles, and both cars are asking for $4500. im not going to mod the cars, im just gratful to get a car that will last me 4 years of college. i just wanted to know, are the civics and camrys with that many miles good and reliable, will they last me the 4 years of college?

thanks again everyone. can you please give input as to your general knowledge as to how long honda and toyota cars can go.

posted by  aspen

I have/ drive a 1999 Toyota Camry CE, and it is the best car for a person in that age group (I am two), so I would go with that. When I bought it at CarMax, we looked at a Honda Civic and a Honda Accord. After 30 min driving the Camry, it had well changed our minds about getting a Honda. The Camry of that year is one of the most verisitile and great cars on the road. It has a decent amount of acceleration, and is big enough to hold 4 adults quite comfortably, and has a trunk big enough to hold just about anything, as well as fold down rear seats if the trunk needs a boost. I would certainly go with the Camry because of what I have previously stated, and it has 5k fewer miles. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

i dont think anybody can just suggest which car for you to get. we would have to test drive it look through the car both in and out. why dont you give it a test drive, BOTH OF THEM! see which one feels better. also, 4.5k is not something i would call a good deal. its not over priced as well but why not try looking around more and maybe you will get lucky!

anywayz, both cars are reliable. the contest between the two cars on reliability is to close to call.

posted by  Ki2AY

Well, when my parents were not as well of as they are now, they drove a civic, and we had over 250 miles on it!! It is a reliable car as well. So basically I reccomend the Honda, but I would test them both out first. And its a good thing you are going to college, a lot of people now a days arent.

posted by  Step Up

well whats your budget?

posted by  import_nation

thanks for the replies. i will check them both out soon.

as for my budget, i guess up to 5k.

posted by  aspen

wow kids these days have car fast! i rememeber when i was 17...i didnt even have a car when i was that family is too short for cash. i got my own car till i was 20.

i would not reccomend a honda....hondas is not suit for a everyday car. honda is not so generally hondas is good for a quite while. most hondas dead quick,you fix it every 4 month. i would go for the toyota camry. toyota is the best japanese car.

posted by  BigBadBrat

are you a girl or a boy? if your a girl...camry suits you

posted by  BigBadBrat

where in minnesota r u?? i'm in zimmerman

posted by  Jediah

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