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Hi, i'm new here.

I'm looking into buying a scion tC within a few months, maybe 2 or 3. I like the way the scion looks, but what i don't like is the power, 160hp isn't enough.

So, i was wondering if a 2jz(supra twin turbo) engine swap would be possible. I'm not sure if it would work at all due to size restrictions of the engine bay, and since the supra is a FR and the scion tc is a FF.

If anyone could help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!

posted by  shinryuken

anything is possible. but the swap would cost you a helll lot of money.. alot of work is also required... just turbo charge the scion its cheaper...

posted by  import_nation

besides the fact that it would cost too much, the inline-6 just might be too damn long to even be fitted transversely (sideways), and thats not taking the transmission into account. its possible to fit a different transmission to it, a shorter one (like a certain volvo), but it would still be a HELL OF A LOT of work and A LOT of cash.

not just that, but why waste a perfectly brand new engine?

posted by  Inygknok

Alright, so maybe its just me, but if you splurge a little at the scion dealership, you can talk to the dealership about getting the TRD package for the Tc and it comes with a belt driven supercharger, which makes it a hell of a lot faster than a lame turbo kit...

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

ummm.... :screwy:

the TRD package that offers a supercharger is $4500 and brings the horsepower up to an even 200. Thats a lot of money for 40 HP.

posted by  Zalight

so its 4500 and its only 200hp but it comes installed for you and you dont have to deal with anyone but the dealership, and honestly ive seen the Tc with the TRD kit and that MOFO is fast as hell...

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

what the flying fook would posess you to drop a 2JZGTTE into a tC? HAVE YOU THE BRAIN WORMS?!? :ohcrap:

*EDIT* Forgot "G"

posted by  EK_Eran_Ek

I must say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Not only is that funny, that is nothing but True, what would ever EVER posess you to do that??? we must know

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

No, why dont all three of you stop making fun of each other, and put a sig up.

posted by  Step Up

There, now I have a sig? Happy? Still stupid.

posted by  EK_Eran_Ek

It's 2jz GTE
G=twin cam
E=electronically fuel injected

posted by  Zalight

2JZGTTE = 2nd Generation JZ Block DOHC Twin Turbo EFI

I know what the codes mean. I forgot to add the G. But it does exits. 2JZGTTE 3.0L Twin Turbo DOHC 6-Spd. 320.0 bhp @ 5800 rpm, 315.0 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm.$Toyota@$Supra%20Turbox.html

Anything else I missed?

posted by  EK_Eran_Ek

Jackass....Thats all i can say, im glad you love being Mr. Correction....****ing Guy...

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

Ok so that was rude, with a little help from a friend, i noticed that... i give this guy credit for knowing his stuff, he prolly knows more about imports than i do, but i will say dont challenge me to a classic rod discussion... My bad again

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

It's a lot harder to get 40 more hp out of a 1.8 (???) liter engine than something like an LS1.

posted by  abless

what? you made no sense?

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

Hes saying that a 40 hp gain out of an LS1 would be much easier to attain then it would be to get out of a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder.

And I guess you right about the price tag. The only reason it's so high priced is because of the fact your getting it installed for you, and it probably doesn't void your factory waranty. But I would still rather get the stock car find an after market supercharger for, say, $2,500, and install it myself. It would be cheaper and more fun. Half the fun of having a fast car is making it fast yourself.

posted by  Zalight

yeah, i dropped the idea for a supra swap, but i'm gonna go for turbo instead of the trd supercharger.

posted by  shinryuken

Couple of points/questions :

A. Why buy a 2900lb FWD coupe with a POS Camry 160hp 2.4L engine that's about as good for modding and forced induction as a smelly foot?
B. Why try and fit a long inline six BUILT for a RWD car into a FWD car built for an inline four?
C. I just want an answer to A. really.
D. Call me Crazy but do I not have good points?

posted by  thunderbird1100

I had to post when i saw this one.

A. Yeah its 2900 lbs, but the engine is in not way shape or form a POS! I am pushing over 327hp and 320ftlb to the wheels, with a bolt on turbo system, and so far have over 11000 miles on it, with no problems whatsoever. Actually have run a 13.3 1/4 @ 106mph with 295hp.
B. Just for the crazy looks you get when people see it or even hear it. Although i wouldn't do it w/o converting to rwd.
C.You got the answer to A.
D. Your points do not hold water.

If you don't believe the answers to A...............
Check them out on my site, got dyno pics, dyno vids, and 1/4 mile vids

posted by  JMS001

I recently test drove the Scion TC, and now I hate that car.

Before my driving experience I had faith in toyota. But after driving it I can tell that its only a marketing ploy By toyota to make the cxar SEEM fast and not actually make the car fast. The clutch was iffy, the gearbox was squishy and left the driver waiting for a positive engagement, the accelleration was only average, and the suspension was as squishy and unresponsive as a lincoln Towncar.

Any car can run 13's if you hook up a turbo the size of a pumpkin to it.

posted by  Zalight

It's 2.4l not 1.8 :thumbs:
And I think that supercharger is not worth it, you can get a nice turbo kit for that price and it should add way more than just 40hp.

posted by  RusMan

^^fine, 2.4 is harder to get 40 horsepower out of then say an LS1. Or seeing we are bumping the numbers, its harder than a 455. Hell, you can accidently get horsepower out of LS1.

posted by  Low Impedance

Why dont you just get the supercharged model

posted by  Car Guy

hey guys, u sound like u know your stuff. would u know what 2 liter or so engine would fit fairly easily into a supra. i know its wrong but i need to do it cos of insurance

posted by  dave21

why the hell would u drop a 2L engine into a supra????? or u mean teh 2.8l engine that came in the earlier celica supras?

this is just insane :banghead:

posted by  Inygknok

En Serio...

posted by  Zalight

NOTE: i ask for forgiveness to everyone for spending this one post as to something that may seem completely pointless to everyone who may read this other than Zalight

si mano.....

ok thats it :mrgreen:

posted by  Inygknok

haha... :laughing:
Good times!

posted by  Zalight

any engine will fit it come down to how much it emptys your piggy bank and a supra motor in a scion i think could be a first. but with a huge power jump like that you may need a new tranny perhaps from a supra. this swap would be cool as hell but i think it would be cheeper to turbo and build the motor.but supra motors have been put in a lexus IS300 and a 1985 corolla via januarys surer street so it can be done

posted by  8G Galant

i have read in the latest magazine the tC with 600hp
i know it can be done, but it wont be easy
you ll need really PRO help

posted by  slvracurarsx03

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