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Hey people, I need to upgrade from a 89 maxima. I have one of those loan checks for about 7 grand. I would like something reliable with low maintenance , can someone help.

Here's the catch
year range is 97 to now
under 90K

help would be greatly appreciated

posted by  GaMBler

Under 90k..... is that suppose to be under 9K? ummmm or do u have a loan check for 70k? cuz i cant think of any car that costs 90k that u could even put a down payment on for 7k. If its meant to be under 9K than a 97-98 240sx would be a good choice, um... theres a million possiblities out there.... it all depends on ur needs and wants. For a family-ish car or sedan theres not much performance for 9K that i can think of right now, but i havent looked into that so plz don't quote me and call me ignorant. For coupes or sportier cars once again..... theres millions of possibilities.... a 300zx twin turbo would cost around what your looking at (depending on ur location in the country)....... once again this is something that goes by what u like, need, and want.

posted by  MrBojangles

Low maintenance low miles affordable sticker price thats just about every honda last time i looked..i think civic's are a pretty reliable car if u keep up youre regualar oil changes a quick timing belt and water pump change every 150k and youre rollin.

posted by  99hatch

Yeah, that sounds about right. I would sugest he integra, but 7 grand isn't much, so probably a mid 90s civic. I prefer the 95 because they look better, but the 96-99s are probably more reliable. Fairly cheap, so you can add on a turbo also, if you want to.

posted by  Godlaus

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