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Ok i read in the import buyers guide thread that the nissan 200sx can be bought for as low as $1500.

Is the 200sx the 180sx ?

My sister bought a 180sx for $18,000 AUD ( we live in australia ), So whats going on with the 1500$ price tag ??

i also heard that skylines cost a fortune, people tell me they can cost up to $40,000. My sister payed $22,000 for her gtst r33 skyline, so is the 40k price tag for another make ?

posted by  NÖvÅ-XÅctÖ

hmmm a 200sx for $1500 i don't know, I to live in Australia and in america they call the 180sx a 240sx and the 200sx a 280sx wierd hey. As for your sister buying the 180sx it depends on the year of the car, for 18K I suspect she bought a 1996 - 97 model with the SR20, if you bought a 1990 model with the CA18 you could probley pick one up for about 10K. That means you could import one for around 3 - 4K. As for the skyline the 40K is probley for the R33 GT-R not the gtst, even the R32 GT-R is only 25 - 30K which is what i'm thinking of getting. :mrgreen: Well I hope this helps. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

In the states Skylines can cost fortunes, into the $70ks for many. Some more! Its just because they are so popular, and have to be imported, I guess. On the guide: you will have to ask DSMer about that... :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

hehe ok thanks for the help guys.

so do you think its worth gettin one of those 200sx's if i can find one for around 4-5k ??

are they still able to perform well ?

edit: i forgot to add, i also like the r32 GTR's, they are fairly expensive though, and never in my life time will i be able to afford a car that costs 20k+ anyway lol :(

posted by  NÖvÅ-XÅctÖ

:mrgreen: If you can find a 200sx for 4-5k in good nick then go for it. :thumbs: A nicely balanced car with the killer SR20 motor :drool:, this is one of the cars on my wish list.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Really depends on where u get it and how u get it legalized. R34's cost upwards of 85k from Motorex (95k new for a Vspec II), but then on the other hand R33's GT-R cost around 50k-60k (depending on year and if its a gt-r or vspec II) through motorex...of course motorex is quite over priced but it is truly reliable which is hard to come by in the asian importing and legalizing services and the reason it costs so much is legalizing the car to American standards. To see what they do to make it legal visit Its mainly dealing w/ paper work, dot saftey, and epa standards.

posted by  MrBojangles

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