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A guy is selling me a 91 240sx 5 speed that is powered by a 86ish r31 skyline rb20det for a grand (!!) the engine and tranny have about 40,000 miles on it and the paint is pretty botched up... And a few dimple dents in the drivers door.
It has a new turbo, and runs, but has cooling problems that I definetly plan on fixing... Anywho, I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm mere weeks away from having my own 240 project!

Will update soon...

posted by  b_DuB13

sounds like quite the deal, good find

posted by  mazda6man

Thanks.... *sigh of relief* I was expecting the usual "pssh yeah right you suck and your car sucks liar" response.

posted by  b_DuB13

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