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Hello all,

Here's my question...

I have a 94 3000GT with the factory rear Infinity speakers. I want to replace them with Audiobahn AS69Q 6x9 speakers. When I disconnected the old speakers, I am left with 2 wires, pos and neg. Any combination that I have tried does not work right. I get a lot of crackling and distortion.

What am I doing wrong?

I am using a JVC head, stock Infinity amp. With the stock speakers, it sounds fine, so nothing is worng with the amp or existing wiring.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

posted by  steel609

ive heard that it may have something to do with the ohms you should do a bit of research before you go to do a replacement/upgrade.

posted by  5dollarwatch

First off, let's get a wrong to a right. Get rid of the Audiopawns, Audiopawn is a very looked down upon company in the audio world. One name for their products most use is a 'chrome turd' and sometimes 'hubcap spinner'. The quality is low, price is high and worst of all they overrate EVERYTHING they make. You really think that little A8002 amp puts out 800rms....HAH. Want some good speakers...go with Focal/Diamond Audio..heck even Alpine or Infinity. Anything is better just about.

posted by  thunderbird1100

a good upgrade for 6x9 would be rockfordfosate,ma audio,apline, high end shit but u get what u pay for right..and i agree with the ohms theory..make sure youre upgraded speakers are rated for the same ohms as youre factory speakers.untherwise you maybe pushing youre factory amp a bit to hard causing it to distort.

posted by  99hatch

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