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I own a 87 Honda Accord hatchback. Its a 5 speed manual transmission. On a cold morning when I go out and start it and let it warm up the cars RPMs will drop and the car will shutoff. Sometimes the revs drop to zero and it stalls once I start it up or once the engince is hot ( the car idles arround 2500 RPMs when its warming up and once its hot the revs drop down to its normal idle speed and then it dies) It also will stall while I'm driving and then it wont start for a few minutes and the revs will also drop to zero and stall when I at a stoplight.

I think the engine might be stalling because the engine is fetting flooded, but im not sure. The car is carbed btw. Its only just started doing this the past few weeks.

Any input would be helpful.

posted by  defasped

maybe I should have put this in the repairs forum.... Sorry Im new and I just found this great forum yesterday. Could a admin move it please?

posted by  defasped

Hello, I have an 87 Accord with the same problem, your carburreator is clogged, there are several ways to fix this, but some of the easier couple are to buy a fuel additive that is designed to clean your carburreator, and switch to a higher octane gass (this will prevent future clogging). another option is a carburreator cleaning spray, but you will still want to up the octane rating on your gas. when it gets really bad you can mix both techniques and it will produce a greater effect. good luck!

posted by  xcfer

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