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my names ben and im new to this site so i want to know what you people think..

posted by  XxGhostxX

Anyone who's paid attention and knows me from the little time I've been on here knows I picked Nissan...I don't consider their rides to be "rice" simply because I think that's a negative connotation, but Nissan's my favorite Asian import...GTR, Maxima, Z (from Datsun to 350), Infiniti G20, G35, FX35/45, M45 - Love 'em

posted by  Machine

I like Nissans i.e. Bluebird 1.8 Turbo (low insurance sleeper), Sunny GTI-R, 200SX, 300ZX, 350Z, Skyline etc.
I also like the Toyota family i.e. Yaris, Rav4, Celica, Supra etc.
I’m not bothered about Hondas although I think they’re generally sleek and well built.
Mazdas don't really appeal to me but I don't dislike them.
I’m not too bothered about Mitsubishis either – although I think that it looks nice, I’ve heard that the Eclipse (maybe not the latest generation) is meant to be unreliable while The 3000GT/GTO and Evolution just don’t do anything for me.

It’s extremely doubtful that any of the Japanese car companies will ever definitively be the best. As far as personal preference goes, it’s between Toyota and Nissan for me so I’ll just sit on the fence and not vote.

posted by  snoopewite

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