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I'm tired of searching through endless piles of crap on google just to see if my friends h22a 5th gen prelude has as much power as a 4g63 in a 2nd gen talon.
Does anyone know a sort of "all knowing" site that would have specs for most us/jdm sport compact engine specs?
I know of a honda site that has all the honda engine specs, but those don't do any good, as all of the d and b series suck.
and I know a mitsu page with the eclipse gg63/4g64 specs...
But it would be nice to have all of those and many others on one page.

Main reason being that arguments always break out between me and my friends over what's faster, and I break out my sidekick and look for a web page proving all of them wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm done ranting. :D

posted by  b_DuB13

Looks to me that the eclipse is more powerful, but I was too lazy to do the power/weight ratio.

posted by  Godlaus

Should'nt you allready know this stuff?

posted by  DSMer

posted by  talongod33

a 2nd gen Talon/Eclipse with factory turbo turns out 210 Horsepower

posted by  talongod33

horsepower isn't important, look for he weight/power ratio.

posted by  Godlaus

I was just using that as an example. A tsi/gsx would smoke a 5th gen 'lude.
Thanks for the links guys.

posted by  b_DuB13

that website probably has ze info u need

posted by  mark_X

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