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Can someone please help? I have a pretty bad oil leak that looks like it is coming from the oil filter adapter or whatever the part that the filter screws onto is called. It is a 1997 Honda Prelude. I first thought it was coming from the oild sending unit but is it coming from above it. Has any body had this problem before?

posted by  Sadman

That sounds like a new one to me..if youre talking about the filter itslef...it maybe leaking if they're is dirt or crud around or on the sealing ring of the filter or on the block itself...if this is the case i would change the filter and oil. After u take the old filter out take a clean wrag and wipe of the surface area where the filter meets the block.it should look like shiny new metal there..make sure you dont leave partices of the rag on the block...its also a good idea to put some clean engine oil on the rubber filter ring itself(new filter)...making sure not to over tighten the filter. If u need a wrench or some other contraption tool to take the old filter off chances are youre probably overtightened it in the first place...it's always a good idea to have a helms manual for youre year vechicle. You should find information about how tight to install youre oil filter...i think its only a half a turn after the filter meets the block but i own a civic so that could be wrong. keep us posed on the situation....

posted by  99hatch

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