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Ok, i have a 93 civic DX.....i want to fix it up, and i have hear alot of people tell me different things i should do, so, i just want to hear what you all have to say.

posted by  Tooyoung225

make your car original dont copy crap of the fast and furous(sp?) or any thing your friends have.

posted by  talongod33

just dont do the riceboy thing go to google and then type in riceboypage...It's the first one on the list....iv seen afew like that in my neighbourhood....

posted by  99hatch

wow thats pretty funny

posted by  talongod33

I think that you should not care what other people think and you should do what you like. In my opinion though, i like the sleeper cars or a car that is done right. By done right i mean no big wing (especially aluminum) or none at all and remember less is more!

posted by  cameronb18a

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