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i have a 97 civic with a ls-vtech with a little work done to it. it has type r cams, type r bottom end, cam gears, pullys, si heads, and the other necessary stuff(intake, exhaust. . . . ) i bought the car with all of this already done so i am not completely sure but i am told that it has a a mild computer upgrade so it will rev all the way to 10000 rpm i am not sure though and i am to chicken to try it so if you might know please tell me.

posted by  cameronb18a

Depends on what you mean by Type R bottom end. You need some strong cranksaft and some expensive coils for the valves to rev all the way up to 10,000 rpms withou breaking your motor. Somehow though, I'm calling your bluff. I don't think you own a 97 civic. If you had all that stuff put into your car (Just saying Type R means nothing) you would ask the technician who put it all in, or oyu would know yourself if you installed all that. I don't mind answering your question, just don't bluff like that, it makes you look like an arrogant bastrd. I'd be more than willing to answer, just don't bluff. Anyway, i think there's something with the fuel injectors, but I'm not completely sure. what you might have heard is that connecting rods and crankshafts can withstand up to 10,000 RPMs. It's more than likely just advertising though, as saying that this watch can withstand pressures up to 1000 ft below water level doesn't mean that you're really capable of doing it. If you really want to reach the 5 digit mark, I'm sure it's possible with a lot of money. Talk to DSM or ChrisV, as they're he most knowledgable on this forum (atleast as far as I have seen).

posted by  Godlaus

It's v-tec no h will rev to 10,000 with no rev limter but whats the point?..the motar probably makes its peak power at like 8,000 or 8,100 if its got real type r internals whats reving to 10,000 gonna prove? i say it probably can handel rev's to 9,000 all day long.even 9,500's pushing it ...but not 10,000 safly on a factory valve train and bottom power up there anyways.stay under 9

posted by  99hatch

Ah, yeah, the torque drop off. still, look at the s2000 properties, it makes 200+ horses at 9000.

posted by  Godlaus

Whille 10,000RPM in a VTEC(Not VTECH) is not uncommon, I would'nt step out on a limb and say that this information may not be true. Most VTEC engines redline in the 7500-9000 RPM range on factory internals, so 10,000 RPM on mildly upgraded internals would'nt be out of the question. The 97 Civic LS VTEC has a rev-limiter of about 6800 or 7000 (not sure of the specifics, I gotta brush up on my honda knowledge) so if indeed it could produce 10,000 rpms the previous owner would have had to modify the ECU to allow to rev-limiter to be bypassed.

Let me ask you this:

Do you have an aftermarket tachometer capable of monitering 10,000+ RPMS?

You claim this car to have Civic Si heads. The Civic Si heads for your comparable year were rated at 8200RPM. The Type-R crankshaft and cam gears would work well past the 9000RPM redline rating but the thing that bothers me is that you have a Civic Si head wich would probably need better valvetrain past 9000RPM. This leads me to my next question.

What kind of vavletrain (i.e. valve springs, valves...) does your car have?

If you have the Type-R valvetrain you say you have then yes, your car should be capable of handling 10,000RPM. But who knows who did what to you car. I would'nt trust it without taking it apart and inspecting it myself with a few of my ASE and Honda service tech buddies. But thats just me. I'm sure you don't have a full team of automotive specialist at your disposal as I do...

posted by  DSMer

Ahhh, come on, now that was just showing off.

posted by  Godlaus

Now why would I wanna show off :mrgreen: .

posted by  DSMer

hahaha. Man, I envy you, I need a lift so badly. It's gona cost me close to 1000 bucks in repairs to my car that I could do myself for 300 if I had a lift or connections to use one.

posted by  Godlaus

Use a local school or work out a deal with a local shop. I used my school lift for many projects. I only recently met a shop owner in the Chicagoland area that was willing to cut me a deal. Just go out and talk to people.

posted by  DSMer

Thats the thing, my NEVAC class doesn't let us use the lifts for our own personal use, only project cars, and I don't feel like donating my car for 2-3 weeks. Also, the local Midas is always full, local garages charge something like 50 bucks and hour, and my neighbor is too much of an asshole to let me use his. I'm trapped.

posted by  Godlaus

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