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We Export Used Japanese Cars out of Japan at reasonable prices.
Mitz Trading Co. is a Car Exporting company Based in Chiba, Japan.
Our strong ties with Japanese used car auction sites, car dealers, suppliers and car parts makers, give us clear advantage in meeting our customers' needs for high quality Japanese used car and car parts at very reasonable prices.

Check our websites at

Tel/Fax (81)-47-451-9255
Mobile (81)-90-8504-5522


posted by  mitz

Couple thing. One, you wrote that you fill your customer's needs. Nice try on the advertising part. You need to make a advertisement that explains the differenece between need and want. You also used reasonable twice in the same context. Bad idea.

And Finally, i wouldn' min you advertising on this forum as long as you are a reputable member first.

BUT..........HE did address the fact that some people here want to import skylines, so YOU make the decision to condone advertising on this site.

posted by  Godlaus

There's a difference between responding to a request in a thread by searching out a vendor that can solve the request, and starting a fresh thread to advertise your products. The former is a helpful response, the latter is spam.

Guess which one this is?


posted by  ChrisV

hahahaha NOICE!!!!!

posted by  Godlaus

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