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ok im a dummy when it comes to car auto repairs.. so i have a question..
ok most every time i start my engine something screeches (like a belt or something) and i have to rev my engine a bit to have the "belt" catch on track and stop screeching.. what could be the problem? thanks in advance

posted by  tekneekzz

Well obviously you have a belt slipping. Well, more than likely. It's slipping because of a friction loss...could be improper tension, whatever the belt drives (thanks for telling what type of car and engine you had BTW) could be "overloading" the belt so to speak. Not likely however. Maybe you have a leak of some sort "lubricating" the belt causing a lack of friction. Maybe your belt is old and brittle. (again, thanks for telling about the car). The most likely out of this list is improper tention which can be checked with an experienced thumb.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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