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Where can I sell my Honda Civic EX besides Craigslist? (in San Franciso bay area)
It would be a perfect car to turn into a racer.
Here is some info.
Honda Civic EX. '97, automatic, only 68K miles

My Honda comes with:
A/C, Power Steering, Windows, door locks
Cruise control, 1.6 Liter VTEC 4 cylinder engine
Automatic Transmission, AM/FM Stereo,
Dual Front Air Bags, Moon Roof
Passive Alarm with keyless entry
Runs great!!!
Excellent Maintenance record.

Only 68k miles driven by original owner!

For photos, click here
hondacivic (

posted by  koreanhottie

autotrader,, ...ebay.. jk, and other msc. sellers

posted by  mazda6man

I had good luck with AutoTrader, sold my car there, and bought my new one there.

posted by  ThirdeYe

are they really that reliable?

hahaha! An autmatic is perfect to upgrade to a racer? I would go for the local paper, just more focuses in on your geographic.

posted by  Godlaus

honda civic, w/automatic transmission... good for racing? hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha... oh wow. if you're gonna race with an automatic, better have more horses behind it. small asian imports like honda civics are known for being quick off the line... auto tranny would just slow it down. :sleep:

posted by  VertigoPills

If I had a used car I was selling I would try ebay with a high reserve (so if it isnt what you want you dont have to sell it.), and then just go to CarMax and sell it there. They have good prices and you could even get a new (used) car there. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Ahh ignorance is bliss.. I suppose you also are'nt aware that auto trannys shift faster than any normal human being would be able to do. Thats why top fuel dragsters, pro bracket racers, and funny cars alike use auto trannys. When tuned to the right specifications they will shift faster and more efficiently than any one man with a clutch and a knob will be able to do.

In two identical Camaros, one with a manual 6-speed and the other with a fine tuned race-bred auto tranny going down the drag strip the auto will win every single time... Maybe you needledicks should get your head out of your arses for a minute and learn something valuble other than body kits and 5-speed trannys.

Throw your car in the local newspaper adds, post the sale sign on honda forums, and possibly online at autotrader and You'll definetly sale it in a matter of weeks. Days if you get the right person looking in the right place.

posted by  DSMer

Hmmm, but ten you have to take into effect the fact that you can't really drop a clutch at 4000 RPM's, you have to do brake launches, which eans torque cars are faster off the line. I agree with you on the auto being faster though, the ferrari f430 is semi-manual and it makes shifts in something like 180 milliseconds. but, who cares? manuals are more fun to drive.

posted by  Godlaus

Nicely put. Can't forget ralley cars either... though most trannys used in top fuel and ralley i know cost well above 30k. yeah.... not sure id put that into a honda "racer"

O and godlaus... there are tranny lockers which act like putting the car into nuetral. You hold down the lever and you can rev to any rpm and let go and it has the same effect as dropping the clutch.

posted by  MrBojangles

I am glad your particular model comes with windows, and door locks for that matter

posted by  Cliffy

If that's the case then you must be a damn happy individual. You're not really going to compare apples and oranges, but if you must.

Top Fuel and Funny Car: They have automatic transmissions now, do they? Try a one speed transmission (plus reverse) and a clutch pack. The clutches are operated manually for burnouts and backing then are engaged sequentially by pneumatic actuators a during a race. Not an automatic transmission but a semi-automatic clutch. These are apples.

Pro-bracket racers: I'll assume you mean Index racers because bracket is not a pro class. Bracket (pro or otherwise) racers use automatics for exactly three reasons. First is that they tend to be easier on parts due to lower shock loading. Second they're more consistent than manual transmissions, not faster. Third, and this has to do with consistency, professional index cars wherever possible use computerized shifting and throttle stops to hit their numbers. These are oranges.

Underpowered little cars (Civic et al): His reasoning is somewhat faulty but his conclusion is correct. An automatic hampers performance due to lack of torque, not horsepower. Beyond that point he is correct that a car of that type will be quicker with a competently driven manual trans. These are bananas much like the one sticking out of your ass right about now. Or maybe that's your needle dick.

Tip to DSMer. Stick to something you have some knowledge about. And don't forget think, type, submit.

posted by  vwhobo

Wooohooo! I was wondering when you were going to say that again!

posted by  StiMan

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