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1988 Nissan 300ZX (Red - "T" Top - Dark Grey Interior)
Mileage: 138,468
Trade in value: $700 - $2,150 (kbb)
Asking: $1,500 (OBO)
Location: Dallas, Texas

This Nissan Z has moderate body damage to the rear finders and slight damage to the hood but the car is still in relatively good condition. The interior need to be cleaned thoroughly but is otherwise in good condition, the computer is still good and it still talks!

The main problem with the auto is that the main wiring harness has been fried which is unfixable/unreplaceable according to Nissan but it would be a great car for parts or for a skilled mechanic who can either strip or repair the damage.

Even with this issue, the car will still fire 3 of it's 6 pistons and is driveable if you do not need heavy acceleration. The oil, plugs & wires, air filter, vacuum tubes (most of them) have been replaced and it's ready to be driven away.

If you have additional questions or if you would like to give an offer please send any such request to

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