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I have a 94 Pathfinder witch is acting up at start up. I hit the key and it just clicks at the starter, after doing this 20 times or so the starter will eventually roll over and start. I had the starter off and had new brushes and new sylinoid put in no difference though. most times especially when cold I have to boost it with the car, but the battery is fine when cold reading 12.7 volts. I also switched batteries with the car and have the same problem. This truck is fully loaded leather heated seats power everything and alarm system, it's 4x4 automatic 4 door with a 3.0 litre engine if anyone has any advice or has had the same problem i would very much appreciate any advice. Sometimes it sounds like sylinoid is not clicking so i will jump it with a screwdriver a couple of times then get in and the bugger will start??? thanks :banghead:

posted by  path94finder

It's so weird to find your post; I Google'd "Pathfinder Alarm System Problems" and yours was the first hit. My 1994 Nissan Pathfinder SE is having EXACTLY the same problems as yours. 7 times out of 10, it starts, and then all of a sudden, for whatever reason, click click click and nothing. If I wait around long enough, or manipulate the key enough, (and end up looking something like Nomar at the plate) it usually will start, but when it is officially not going to start, all it takes is jumper cables and it'll start right up.

The battery has been replaced, as has the changes to the performance. So my current test is to leave the alarm system off; my thought being that if it's an electrical issue (since it seems to be sucking the battery dry) then it might be something alarm related. So far, it has started every time, but it's only been three days.

I don't know that this little story *helps* you, but I'm commiserating and hoping that we both might find an answer. I wonder if there are more '94 owners who have this problem?


posted by  crabcakes

Mine will start right away with a boost also. I was going to buy a new battery for it as well. I have had to go under and cross the sylinoid with a screwdriver to get it to crank over a couple of times then get in and hit the key and it starts?? Maybe i will unhook the alarm system too n c if that helps. My starter was rebuilt this fall with new brushes and new sylinoid maybe i got a dud syl from factory i have heard of this before. I'm also putting a rad heater in it soon for the cold weather. thanks for your interest and please if u figure yours out let me know and i'll do the same. ps do u know where the wire for the dome lights is in the back door? I can't find it.

posted by  path94finder

>>I don't know off the top of my head, but I'll check into it when I get home.

posted by  crabcakes

I found it the little bugger is right on the door handle to the rear door so i unhooked it a small 2 wire plug and VOILA the dome light is back to normal so 1 problem fixed now back to the starter i couldnt find the stupid alarm system to unhook it. but a freind told me today it was under the drivers seat and it had 17 pole plug so soon as i gat it in the garage again i will unhook it as well. hope this fixes the battery drain and starter problem. :thumbs:

posted by  path94finder

well gentlemen,i wonder if you've found an answer to that staring problem as i have the same thing happening.if i find the answer i'll let you know.cowfyundefined

posted by  cowfy

I hope this works I am going out of my mind trying to fix this. Starts some sometimes and sometime it won't just unplugged the security alarm will have to see is this is the problem thank you sooooo much!!!!!

Karenirine   15 Aug 2012 21:40

It worked my car starts every time
Thank you so much for the right advice

Karenirine   18 Aug 2012 00:01

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