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Hi. I'm attempting to change my 91 Honda Accord's timing belt. All is going well except that for the life of me I can't get the "adjusting nut" off. The manual says to take it off and in does look like it is the last thing holding the top timing belt cover in place. It's in to narrow an area to get a ratchet on it and the box wrench was stripping it so I clamped vise grips onto it but all they're doing is shredding away the steel. I've applied break-free penetrating oil and took a propane torch to it. It doesn't even look like a nut any more. I'm trying to loosen it to the left just like the other nuts & bolts.

A guy at home depot (I was there to buy a pipe wrench - which I'm going to try next) said it might have a locking mechanism on it or that there's something else I may need to do in order to remove it, but the illustration in both my manuals show it to be just a simple nut. The other 6 or so top and bottom cover bolts came off with no problem.

If the pipe wrench doesn't work I'll try to cut it off or try a nut-breaker.

Anyone ever have this problem? Am I missing something?


posted by  pshisbey

Just stubborn bolts, happens all the time. I remember taking off the tranny on a dodge neon. All 6 of the 7 bolts came off with ease. Get a lil WD-40, let it soak overnight. Get a good grip on it(if you have'nt allready stripped it) and yank at it. Air tools work great if you have acess to them..

posted by  DSMer

Just glad to see I'm not missing something.

posted by  pshisbey

Still won't budge. Can't get a good grip on it with the Pipe wrench.

Can anyone explain to me what the adjusting nut on a 91 Honda Accord looks like and how it functions? Is it a nut that simply threads onto a bolt. I ask because in my case the bolt that the nut is on seems to be hollow or else the nut is just on the tip of the stud. The nut had an end cap that has broken off. Could a lock washer be preventing me from getting it off? The manuals don't have a close up picture or diagram.

I realize this should probably be in the maintenance section - sorry about that. Future questions of mine will be.


posted by  pshisbey

well when i changed the oil on my parents Dodge intrepid (RIP) the oil drain nut was stubborn as hell. Even air tools wouldnt get that thing off. My best advice for you in this situation is, get big pipe wrench, soak the sucker in wd40 for a good 12 hours, see if that helps at all. I went through excatly what happened w/ you. Stipped the nut bare w/ the air tool and the pipe wrench seemed to just shred it. Trust me though the WD 40 works.

posted by  MrBojangles

In addition to working on cars, do you make Cajun style fried chicken?

posted by  vwhobo

Lol nope sorry.

posted by  MrBojangles

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