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I just bought a 1995 nissan maxima gle. I want to change the suspension. From my knowledge, new shocks and springs are the first thing to do. However, Sillen stated an anti sway bar would be the most appropriate due to the maxima's "unique" rear suspension. Does anyone have any idea? Pleas help

posted by  aiden

Actually, true to being. The Y-Pipe(pipe between your headers and cataylic convertor) is the best bang for the buck starter on a 4rth generation Maxima. This will give you the best performance as a starter. Then of course you'd want to get a nice intake.

THEN this brings us to your suspension upgrades on the Maxima. The best and most effective are a rear swaybar, springs, and struts. I've been told this will turn you Maxiam into an entirely new car.

Spring: Eibach / H&R / Tein / Intrax springs
Struts: KYB / AGX / Tokico Illumina
Swaybar: Addco / Progress

The alternative for you rich boys would be purchasing the JIC Magic FLT-A2s and a Stillen RSB wich could cost upwards of $1500-2000. Unless you're serious about your car, go with the brands listed above.

Then you may want to get a FSTB(Front Srut Tower Bar). These can be bought anywhere for relatively cheap from any manaufacture so long as they are made of some sort of prodctive material and not fiberglass...

This should get you started, if you need some more help go check out the forums. They know a hell of alot more about Maximas than I do. But I know my fare share of things. So good luck with your car.

posted by  DSMer

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