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Hey guys I got a 86 rx7 non turbo and I was coming outa the parking lot and I kinda floord it to about 4500 then shiftd into second and it was fine about 2 blocks down it started to knock really bad, and I lookd in the rear view mirror and there was quite a bit of smoke coming from the exhaust, so i pulled into the gas station and chcked all the fluids.. everything was pretty much full
and up to date i dont know much about rotarys cause I've only owned the car awhile so if you know anything please please please help

posted by  FullMetal

I'm not very knowledgable on rotary style engines either if anything at all, but I assume they have a lot of the same bells and whistles, and I'd definitely say get that thing checked out by a mechanic who does know the engine as you probably blew a rod or something. Just a possibility, and as I said I do not know those engines worth anything at all. But you can't sit there driving down the road with a loud knocking going on, because whether you are losing fluids or not you are probably causing permanent damage to one or more systems of the car.

posted by  Flame Roller

There are no rods in rotary engines, although i cant think of what ur problem is

posted by  JtotheK

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