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hey can anyone tell me how and what I would need to get this effect:
Are bulb headlights required or is it the reflector or what?

and are they legal in Canada? I know that xenon blue are, these dont look like them at all though.

posted by  101001

They are called "angel eyes" and yes I believe they are illegal.

posted by  DSMer

Well the cheap way is easy :laughing:
Ever broke a Christmas bulb & saw the light, its white, the color on the glass is what causes the color & thats how they make different colored bulbs obviously. If you cbf finding the right color bulb you could always go to a hardware store & get a nice can of paint :mrgreen:

posted by  Tyko

No angel eyes are lit rings around the lights, as on the newer BMW 5 series. Only illegal if not amber to white. s.jpg

The picture he linked to is just a blue bulb installed ahead of the headlight reflector. And yes, any color other than white or amber on the front of the car is illegal.

posted by  ChrisV

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