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I am getting a civic dx coupe. i am going to swap the engine for sure. i was thinking about a B16a generation 2 straight from Japan. I was wonderig if that is the easiest and best way to go or is there something better because i only have about 3500 to spend.

posted by  midwestcustoms

well, since you have a dx, that means you have duel port injection... two fuel injectors so youre going to have to do a big time full rewiring deal..., granted youle have to rewire in the first place, itle just take a little more... now that that parts out of the way. b16 aught to work nicly, but of course, ctr motors arent the cheapest thing on the block by any means. back to wiring really quick, youle be going from obd1 to obd2, more wiring. so all togather, IMHO try LS/vtec, itle most likely be cheaper, and a little quicker.

posted by  mazda6man

is it possible to do a H22A swap?
That would be badass.
But then again, you'd still have a civic. ^_^

posted by  b_DuB13

once again honda has youre answer a few del sol came with the b16a1 160hp and they are obd1..bolt it in with a harness a new computer and youre rollin..
I would suggest is the 94-95 del sol b16a3 same obd1 same hp plus youll be getting a hydraulic clutch...

posted by  99hatch

my buds got a j spec h22 220hp+ chip ,header, full intake all the goodies..in a 93 del sol.It goes pretty good .14.00's down the quarter after replacing a pair of drive axels.He's scared of blowing the trany so he dosnt lauch hard off the line.he's shoping for an lsd ..but the car is fully capable of low 13's pass.

Anyways im looking into a cool new k20a2 swap..seen it in a magazien they take an 2003 acura rsx type s motar cram it into the 99 civic coupe.some computer and fuel mods afew civic si parts..custom motar mounts..no ac or ps..threw on some shit header and an cai..it makes 220 whp and 150 ftlbs of torque..with a pair of slicks it aparently goes 12.15 down the quarter mile..12.15@110 mph with stock internals and a 6 spd trany..and modified mag will back up those numbers if u think its b.s.. Shi even i kinda do..those are some pretty amazaing numbers for a n/a civic....

posted by  99hatch

12s, maybe... gsr pulled my friends eg civic hatch to high 13s, but it also had internals mods in it aswel... but hey, those new k20s are pretty crazy... so you never know

posted by  mazda6man

Why not put a RB26DETT. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

haha, power and and rediculously expensive... i love it!

posted by  mazda6man

Do you mind not being an asshole? Just because he has a Civic does not in any way give you the right to tear him up for asking a question about a
major performance upgrade . Perhaps if he was asking for which 15" spoiler to purchase, but he's not. So please. Civics are good cars, and you as well as everyone knows it. Obviously they aren't the best, but I'd be interested to know what kind of shitbox you drive. So until you find someone with a car worthy of bitching about, take your judgemental, self-serving, self-centered ass and stick it back under the rock you happened to figure out how to crawl out from under. I'm sorry but I'm sick of little bitches like yourself who complain about Hondas when they drive their trash-ass Nova under the cover of darkness as to not show their face in such an abomination of the automobile. So please. Do us all a favor and take your shitty attitude toward good cars and f*ck yourself. b_Dub13. Fricking prick.

EDIT- Guess what kind of car he has? A shitbox. A 1992 Isuzu Rodeo with over 100k miles, and it's not even AWD. Surprise, surf*ckingprize. GUESS WHAT, DUB! YOUR CAR IS A SHITBOX! MAYBE YOU SHOULD SWITCH OUT THE ENGINE AND THE DRIVETRAIN AND THE TRANNY. That would be badass. But then again, you'd still have a shitbox.

posted by  Patrick

That's the way to go. :mrgreen: :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

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