What kind of swap can I do to my 93 sentra se 2 door

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I wanted to find out what kind of swap I can find for my 93 nissan sentra SE 2 door. She's a beast lol. Right now it's running open headers! LOL! Ibought the car as a winter beater, and I was talking to some friends who were telling me how cheap it could be to do a jap swap. I'll be honest. I used to drive nothing but american. But I'm quickly getting sucked into the whole jap car thing. Anyways...I was more curious about switching a older sylvia with my the sentra. I heard about a guy who was rocking like 500HP out of his sentra who was clocked at 173MPH by a cop racing a ferrari. IDK...possible? anyways. Lemme know! How can I give my sentra some go? I'm looking for budget racing!!!


posted by  bytemee495

Don't you already have the DOHC 1.6?....
I've heard of SR20DET swaps but it sounds pricey...
Iono, check local sentra clubs (i know we have like 2 around here)
I've actually spoken with a guy that has a turbo sentra with the stock motor, and a front mount (!!)
Anyways, search google or something for "sr20det sentra swap"
or something. sorry couldn't be much help =/

posted by  b_DuB13

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