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Does anybody have any good links so i could read more on engine swaps. I searched the net but didnt fine any good links for swaps. I want to know about hondas/acuras engine swaps and what you need and rules for swaps.

posted by  CarEXPERT

uh. I f you thnk you can do an engine swap simply by reading a link, you'd best be off not doing it yourself. Pay a garage, way safer, no problems, and you aren't liable.

posted by  Godlaus

I want to learn more about it. Im only 14 years old now and want to know more about engine swaps so if you have any good links with good info can you please help me out.

posted by  CarEXPERT

This might help a little

posted by  99hatch

Thanks man. Do you have any other things like that that will teach me to swap engines and what I need?

posted by  CarEXPERT

you need to specify.
what car/make are you interested about? nissan? honda?...

posted by  b_DuB13

Honda/ acura. I'm almost 16 now and I cant get a car that is more than 5k. I thinking to get a really old and light honda and put in a K20a. That should give me 220hp. But i dont know if it fits and does the swap come with a transmission? Do you guys have any links that can help me with the swap?

posted by  CarEXPERT

no transmission normally. You are think of an early '90's CRX aren't you?

posted by  Coffin Type R

Less than 72 hours between posts and you've aged a year. Care to tell us how that works? Maybe you're using hamster years. Please advise.

posted by  vwhobo

What the hell? He must be in dog years or somthing. Jeez.

posted by  StiMan

rofff..roff..rooffff... meow...meooow :drool:

posted by  CarEXPERT

12 now huh?? :umh:

Either that or hes found the fountain of eternal youth... :screwy:

Eternal youth and ignorance that is... :banghead:

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

looks like someone's been messing with the delorean again...

posted by  fudge

Nah, I vote dumbass.

How old are you, really?

posted by  Accord_Man

From what I can tell, he doesnt even know.

posted by  StiMan

yeah, your're probably right.

posted by  Accord_Man

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