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I have a 1993 Mazda MPV with a R4AEL Automatic transmission, 2wd/6cyl
I lost hwy gear on transmission and it started to slip in first so I bought a used Tranny from an auto Wrecker and had a shop put it in. I drove the van for a week and 35kms to the shop with the old tranny still in there. I paid 500 for tranny and 330 for installation (cdn). I picked up the van and it went approximately 15kms and failed, started to slip so I pulled over right away and discovered I had no reverse or lower gears only drive and it felt like e-brake was on, smoke coming from Tranny Oil filler tube. Wrecker claims there is no warranty as other shop improperly installed tranny and failed to properly clear out oil cooler and his tranny shop
indicates melted planetary due to lack of lubrication. Is this possible, could a tranny blow in 15kms, can blowing air through oil cooler be adequate or was this a case of just a bad tranny purchased. If old tranny was still working, obviously oil cooler wasn’t plugged before installation. Thanks a bunch for any info. Mike

posted by  krash69

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