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car stalls within 15 mins. Once on the way to work and once on the way back. Pull to the side and cars starts within a min. fuel pump seems to have good pressure. I think the problem is electrical maybe a dying ignition coil. Car didn't start in morning. I disconnected coil wire and i had one spark in about 10 secs of cranking. I've seen threads about distributor and crank sensors, would this cause the coil not to spark?
thanks in advance, for any comment.

posted by  tiredofrepairs

Check ignitor or IGBT for over heating.

posted by  Wally

sorry, but what is igbt? Will a new distributor take care of these parts?

posted by  tiredofrepairs

Not the ignitor. that is a seperate piece of equipment.

posted by  Coffin Type R

I measured out the transistor with ohm meter, seems to check out. does the ecm control the transistor? Also i was looking for a resistor I'm suppose to be able to measure, but haven't found that one.

posted by  tiredofrepairs

Checked the distributor and i had oil inside. I got a new remanufactered distributor and car doesn't stall anymore, but i now have a check engine light. Went down and exchanged the distributor and still have check engine light. Anyway to verify if the distributor is the problem? Car seems to run fine.

posted by  tiredofrepairs

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