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Everytime i drive when i press the gas my lights get brighter, the car also shakes a bit when I am stopped. The idle sometimes hops around 500 and below. I have a 94 civic Ex, it is manual and vtech. Can anyone please help me?

posted by  sxyqbano

I am itching to say timing but, I had a simular problem when I had 900watts of stereo equipment. :banghead: I was going to slap a larger battery and a larger alternator but instead I went with a full cap. that way when the bass would hit it took the power from my cap. instead of my battery.

So I am intrigued to hear a logical answer to this as well.

posted by  ~SK~

Yeah, As will I! :laughing: Thx For posting though!

posted by  sxyqbano

vtech? do you mean vtec?

posted by  CarEXPERT

NO, carexpert, he means vtech. :roll:

Of course he means vtec.

posted by  Godlaus

Have you had the battery tested? Similarly the alternator?

Could be something really simple like the battery posts and cable lugs need cleaning.

posted by  Wally

Does the car idle @ 500 with the lights turned off? If not it sounds like an alternator fault, if so it could be the battery drawing a permantly high load from the alternator..

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

Yeah I do mean vtec... hehe i was kinda retarded when i was writing that... ok, then I turn the lights off it popse up to about 900 Rpm's and then drops back down. I had realized yesterday that the person that had it before routed the radiator fan to always stay on then the car starts... kinda weird for me... could that be an issue?

posted by  sxyqbano


posted by  sxyqbano

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