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im gettign a new car and i was wondeing waht to get. i have 15000. and want a car i can build up little by little. 8)

posted by  handz

Oh look, another question that gives you no information to work with. Here's an idea. I just picked up a '92 Paseo with a big hole in the block. And it's your lucky day, only $14,999. We can do the paperwork tomorrow.

Really now, how do you expect to get a reasonable answer to that. Nobody here knows what you need, want, like or what's available in your area. Three tips... Think, type, submit.

posted by  vwhobo

<----has a 1973 VW Bus that only has 63k miles on it and needs no smog inspection, carries 9 passengers, with some of their luggage, it's a gem.

I would let you have it for...uhhh...since we are forum buddies...say...oh heck...I'll give it to ya for $12,998.00. vwhobo is probably trying to sell you a lemon anyway... :D

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hey man, undercutting me just ain't right! Neither is calling my piece of junk a lemon. :D

posted by  vwhobo

here's a a Pinto.

posted by  S2000Boy

1970 chevelle ss 454 smoke anyone with that lol

posted by  niceride80

I have half a nissan urvan (front half) its been cut and the back wheels have been moved up 30cm from the front wheels, theres no seats in it so u kinda have to sit on the motor, thats no hasle you only have to get out every 5km to let the moter cool down for half hour then u can get back in and continue on your travels. Its got no battry or starter motor so you have to park it on a hill so you can roll start it with out people pushing which makes you look stupid its got no brakes or suspention. It comes with 40 indians sitting on the roof. And if you order today well chuck in a free set of steak knifes. For 3 easy payments of $5,000 but thats not it folks, if you order now well take off 1 whole payment, that makes it 2 payments of $5,000 each, You also must pay $9,000 postage and handling if you live in australia or america as it needs to be shipped from india. You want it? I think id make a good salesman.

nah, so what were you after, u could be more specific, oh well its the only way to learn when people bag you, i learnt the same way... just dont get a mitsibishi.

posted by  stringer001

Dude, I'm sure no one here minds helping you, but asking "what car should I buy for $xx,xxx,xx is like asking what should I eat today. TOO OPEN ENDED! Give us specifics- what kind of power, drivetrain layout, type of car (coupe, sedan, etc.) do you want. Get specific son.


posted by  spirited driver

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