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My subwoofers don't hit, but the ampilifier has power, all the connections are solid without any blown fuses, and its is receiving signal from my headunit. What is wrong with them if not one of these things?

posted by  jcb_1300

Do they not hit at all? Did you check all the fuses? Another thing is the amp level. If that is turned down you wont hear it. Also, make sure the amp is set to low frequency and if it has a bass boost, turn it on. Let me know if you've tried all those things.

posted by  Nickboxer7

Check the connection inside the box, and make sure nothing's shorting out if you have a dual coil sub(s)

posted by  RusMan

You may have fried you amp just cause there the power light is on don't mean squat.

posted by  spencedawg

i found the problem, the voice coils in my subs were completely fried

posted by  jcb_1300

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