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Haven't been to the track with it yet.

posted by  Ground Rat

what is that?

posted by  CarEXPERT

I thought you were a car expert? :mrgreen: It's my '76 280Z w/ a SBC.

posted by  Ground Rat

Still in good shape, despite its age. If you have extra money left over, get a paint job, but keep the stripes,the retro stripes look good. :D

posted by  aerith

Yea...many ppl love engine swaps if they have the early Z cars...there's a guy around here who has a very sweet looking 240Z w/a s.b.'s a chore finding traction so he said he was gonna get a LSD

Personally I would have gone w/a RB25DET...keep it in house...but the V8's simpler and probably more cost effective

posted by  NISSANSPDR

And sounds better. :laughing: I bought the car w/ the engine already swapped in for $3,500. Not bad for a low 13/ high 12 second car. Forged pistons and N2O are next. :smoke:

posted by  Ground Rat

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