Damaged G35.

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Hey, i just want your input. Anyone think i can fix this thing up with around 12,000 cdn? That is around 10,000 us dollars. I think the hardest thing to fix is the damage seen in the third picture. Completely disconnected, snapped, made of special glass fibre composite. Anyways, thanks for the input.

http://images.andale.com/f2/125/109/10798083/1107683572101_1106610497702_7. JPG
http://images.andale.com/f2/125/109/10798083/1107813896243_1107333434072_4. JPG
http://images.andale.com/f2/125/109/10798083/1107051917218_1104692870945_52 .JPG

btw, the pictures are from eb*ay seller "wwautogroup"

posted by  aerith

Damn your shit if ****ed up. how did that happen

posted by  CarEXPERT

haha, I didnt do that, i want to buy it for 18,000 usd, and see if i can fix it up. Somebody else crashed it, im not that bad a driver. hahah.

posted by  aerith

For around $10,000, yeah ypu should be able to fix it. Just take the pictures to a body shop and see if they could a rough estimate from the pictures to get a ballpark figure.. G35 are a nice car though.

posted by  Coffin Type R

The front is very easy to fix, you can even do it yourself, but the rear will take some $$$ to do.

posted by  RusMan

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