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what is a:
turbo timer
inter cooler
turbo back

will installing these things make get more hp:
new intake
new induction
new cooling system
digital fuel jection

which one will make my car faster:
cat back or turbo back

put a

will this make my car faster:
new exhuast
new ecu
new air filter

i have a 1997 eclipse gs grey

thank u

posted by  EVO MR


That's a car dictionary from A-Z

But here's my rough ideas of what each do

Turbo timer...I believe it's main function is to turn off the car after driving by allowing the turbo a set amount of minutes (usually between 1-3 mins) to cool down

Intercooler...this is to provide cold air to the turbo if I am not mistaken

Turboback?...if you are comparing this w/a catback...there is no difference...I think one is just non turbo friendly and one is turbo friendly...let me explain. 2.5 inches in diameter for a catback exhaust is usually the biggest you want to go for an exhaust for a non turbo car...you need some back pressure so you dont have blowthrough which results in a loss of power (torque I believe). Now if you had a turbo car...you would probably want more flow so you want 3.0 inches in diameter for a catback exhaust.

What's a catback? Well...it's an exhaust that goes from the cat (the catalytic converter...usually located around the middle of the car underside) to the end of the car.

Yes, a new turbo, exhaust, ECU, and air filter will all make your car go faster...but you just cant bolt up a turbo and go...you need a few other things...but I'll let real turbo guys take care of that...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

First of all I have to say that you are the most retarded person ever to find out how to use a computer. Having read your post I had to go outside and pore cold water from the hose on my face come back in and read it again. Only to find out that indeed you are capable of making a statement that can actually caused me to think I was hallucinating.

A turbo timer is an accesory that leaves your car running after you have removed the keys in order to let the turbos cool properly before shutting off.

An intercooler cools the air sent by the turbo to the engine in order to provide more horsepower and reduce the chance of detonation.

Turbo back reffers to the section of exhaust from the turbo back.

These are the same thing, and if you get a new OEM air intake system then no (well maybe if your current one is messed up) If you get an aftermarket intake that is tuned for performance then yes,

It wont provide more power but will make your car run cooler which will allow you to run your car harder for longer.

Well, digital fuel Injection Is very effecient at providing fuel to the engine, but I don't want to say either carburation or fuel injection will give you more power because they can both provide you good power.

they are both just sections of exhaust and you can only have turbo back exhaust if you have a turbo, so they can both give you power.

of course it will.

see induction/intake

I hope that god strikes you with lightning for being so incredibly stupid.

posted by  Zalight

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