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I was just curious about the costs and which motor would be better to put in my 95 eclipse rs and it has over 125,000miles on it so i need a new motor so should i get another 420a motor and turbo it or should i get a 4g63t motor

posted by  Eclipse95

A 1g 4G63T swap could be easily done for $1800-2400 for a motor, and theres minimal modifications that need to be done in order for the 4G63 to fit. Lots of people do it and its more than feasible for under $3000. I've never actually done a 420a to 1G 4G63 swap, but I have done a 1G swap into a 2G. Its fairly simple. The motor fits, all you need are the brackets wich can be bought at any DSM specialty group. Check out for the links to the actual write up article on the 1G swap.

Depending on how cheap you can get a motor, this job may be easily done for under $1500. Especially if you can do all the work yourself.

posted by  DSMer

thanx my friend has a 1990 GSX that he wants to sell for like 2k but it doesnt look that great. is there anyway that i could switch my 2g eclipse rs to awd with 1g gsx parts?

posted by  Eclipse95

Haha, you'd be better off just buying a GSX. The likely hood of you converting a FWD to an AWD with an efficient ammount of money is rediculous. Unless you're an engineer I doubt you'll be able to do it short of a $4000 in parts and about $2000 in labor.

posted by  DSMer

Changing a vehicle to AWD is about as expensive of a swap as you can perform, due to the fact that there is so much that needs changing. I'd recommend doing the search, or checking out any local DSM shops you may have. Hit the books before ya hit the road. You wanna know what you are getting into before you actually mess with it, you can generally probably come quite close to a price estimate if you find out all the different parts you are gonna need, and labor costs if you don't do it yourself, so plan ahead and have that money plus a little (in case) on hand. Also search the web, plenty of people swap engines in DSMs as there are so many people that love to play with them. Careful with DSMs also due to the fact that they can see their share of maintenance from what I hear, but they last for the long haul. Good luck, keep us posted.

posted by  Flame Roller

hey thanx for the help well my friend wants to buy my clipse for $4500 so i think ill sell him mine and i want to look for a gsx or a tsi..... jus curious is either better than the other or are they pretty much the same platform and everythin..........sorry for all the trouble but im a new tuner and im only 16 so im jus tryin to get as much information as i can b4 i get myself all the way into the tuner world thanx for all the help guys

posted by  Eclipse95

hi i'm look for a 6bolt 4g63t FWD engine with tranny. does anyone know where i can get one

posted by  sandrock814

Theyre the same. The only thing thats different on them is a few shell pieces.

posted by  Oomba

So... yeah... thanks for reviving a thread that's been dead for 8 months. But, in response to your question:

What are you planning on putting this in... BTW?

posted by  Bino

Oh, and that's crap. This entire post is wrong, wrong, wrong, just for anybody thinking about doing a 420A -> 4G63 swap. The engines do not share a single thing in common, the motor/trans is completely different as are all of the motor mounts. It requires cutting out all of the existing motor mounts from the 420A and then welding in new mounts for the 4G63. It's not easy, not time efficient, not money efficient, and basically just dumb.

The 1G motor into a 2G that he was talking about is swapping a 1G 4G63 into an existing 2G 4G63 platform. This is nearly a bolt-in swap and only requires a very simple rewire of the CAS, and rigging a sensor or two.

posted by  Bino

is the motor blown? since when does having 125k suggest needing a new engine. does it smoke? does it knock? dont fix it if it isnt broke! if you are looking for AWD, sell your car and buy a GSX. as stated above, its a very expensive swap.

posted by  glagon1979

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