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Any 5 spd. Nissan or Toyota will 16 and i dont have a job but i am looking so i will need a cheap car. maybe 3000 at the most maybe a bit more im not sure. i cant find any cars in my price range. Can you guys please help me.

posted by  Alpha Lobo

jsut cheap? that's it? sporty? or just A to B? give us what you want in a car.

posted by  Godlaus

For around that price you can pick up...

Corolla (maybe a AE86...that's RWD)
Tercel (FWD)
Old MR2 (1st Gen)
Celica (mid 80's...but RWD)
Supra (MK II)

200SX (late 80's IIRC)
Sentra (early 90's...maybe an SE-R)
Stanza (early 90's)
Maxima (early 90's)
300ZX (1st Gen)
510 (RWD)
240Z, 260Z, 280ZX (maybe...but they are all RWD)
240SX (1st Gen 89-90...but the market's hot so be wary)

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Well, if you just want a car that takes you from place to place, just get a reliable car, the newer the better. If you price range is that low, its better to stick with more reliable brands like honda and toyota, not saying that Nissan is not reliable just not as reliable as the brands mentioned above. Nissans are great, it's just that you'll have to put more time into them then you would with the toyotas or hondas, but if you can get a 89-early 90's 240sx, i would go with that. One of my friends was able to get a 89 civic AWD 4 door hatchback for around 3000 cdn so that is around 2000 usd. And ive seen quite alot of them around, so that has to be saying something, seem pretty reliable, the AWD system isnt that bad either. Some other choices i would recommend:

1986-early 90's Toyota Corolla GTS(aka Trueno).
1989-early 90's Honda Civics.
1989-early 90's Nissan 240sx.
" " Nissan 200sx.
" " Honda Accord.
" " Honda Prelude.

You might want to stay away from Mazda's at this price range and age, the lower end vehicles seem to have more maintainence problems. Unless you are really into cars, would want to work on your car, baby it, and if you can find one: get the RX-7 FC.

By the way, alot of the cars i mentioned may not be manual, so if you only want a car for transportation, the transmission shouldn't really matter.

posted by  aerith

I got a 98 Escort ZX2 with 50k miles, for 600 did some body work, all by myself, and the car came to about 1700-1800$ including registration and paint. For 3 grand you can get a pretty nice ride for 16yrs old

posted by  RusMan

i will never in my life own a honda civic. i would like a sports car. my mom has a 99 ZX2 with 60,xxx miles on it. i want it. but any other car makes except honda and GM i will take so help me out please

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Well the first thing you should do is consider any car as a possible choice. You're 15, you don't have'nt even been living enough to decide that its not acceptable for you to drive a GM or HONDA. To speak on a realistic basis.... a good percentage of the cars that are in your price rang just happen to be made by GM and HONDA.

Go get some car buyers guides, search arround on the web. Look for cars for under 3000 for starters. We are'nt your parents, we don't know what you want, need, or are allowed to have. Start doing some thinking for yourself. Surley you can't expect us to cure all your woes and troubles?

Alright, you'll want to look at a general makeup of cars in the Chevy, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford category. Sports cars to look for Camaro, Lumina Z34, Civic, CRX, 240SX, 300ZX, Eclipse, 3000GT, Celica, Supra, and Mustang.

Those are all easily achieveable sports vehicles for arround 3000. Good luck, start searcing. (Hint* Try and

posted by  DSMer

im 16 and i wouldnt mind a camaro maybe a civic if i get desperate

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Hey, I got a 1996 Mazda Mx6 2.0L, 5 speed stock with 150,000 miles on it back in 2003 for $2000. Currently I am nearing 200,000 miles. I say this car was a bargain. The car had no dents. Had some dirt on seats which I cleaned out. Put in a Cd player. The paint was slightly bad on the roof. That and other little stuff I fixed up myself.

The seller was the original owner of the car and use to drive about 120miles every day. I just asked her to show me her driving license and her business card. The point is look for car that is truly highway mileage. You might get a bargain.... I got luck since in NJ the average commuting time to work is 45 min.

posted by  ZMan3000

i want something like that but i cant find anything

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Mileage 118,000 Engine
Body Style Transmission 5-Speed

1996 Nissan Altima GXE
NISSAN Altima GXE '96. 5-sp, 118K mi, PW, PL, great cond, 10 disc CD chngr, $2000/obo, 859-466-8051

Go to lots of listings there for good cars.

And ooh yeah tips for buying use cars,

Always be ready to spend around $500 to $1000 on the used car you buy.
(the onwer knows he is going to sell the car in most cases and doesn't change the brakes, tries and other services are neglected.)

Try to start bargain low. Lets say you look at something that is listed for $3000 starts the bargain at $1750. Don't show too much interest in the car even though you might be interested. Let the seller know if you are willing to pay cash. Only look at faults and make big deal out of them. Try to tell the owner that this needs to be changed and this needs to be changed, after you go through that (punch list) then tell him you are willing to pay $1750. If he says that’s too low or no then ask him how much he wants. Then give him a counter offer for 1800 or 1850 depending on if the seller looks desperate to sell.

Things to check.....
*****Important don't buy without driving******
Check the oil and transmission dipsticks; see the condition of the dipsticks, if there is any sign of abuse. Also the current level of oil and the quality. If the oil is very low or very dark and if you feel the oil and there is grit, then walk away. Sign of a car abuser. (Should be checked when the car is off)

Check the each window roll down and come back up.
Check the wipers
Check all the lights.
Look under the car for anything hanging or leaking
Look around on the floor to see if there is any fluids on the ground.

If possible try to see if the axel boots are in good condition on both sides.
If possible try to check the muffler.

When beginning to drive, put the car in gear and just hold as if at a red light and see what kind of sounds or vibration you get.

Drive at slow speed with windows closed and then open to hear any sounds.

Take over speed bumps to check suspension.

Try to at least take it on a road where you can reach at least 60 so that you can check the transmission and look for sounds and see how car reacts.

If a 5speed drive the car in each gear. Try to pick up the car in 4th gear, if turns off, try to do it in 3rd gear, if it turns off I would walk away. If you are new to 5 speed then you might not do this rights so practice on your friend cars before you go.

This is all I can think off at the top of my head. :thumbs:

posted by  ZMan3000

Nice, Zman, cool to know that you know about testing cars.

Alpha lobo, I'm considering buying a camaro z28, but I' running into multiple problems. First off, is finacing. I have to pay for everything on my car, and insurance on a taurus for a 6 month driver is around 2 grand a year. (3000gt is 5 grand/year) (and that's just liability). My suggestion to you (this is actually what I'm doing right now) is to get your license, drive your parents car around, save up the money (hopefull you'll have around 12 grand after 12 months) and then you'll have a good driver insurance discount, and enough money for a Z28, adn enough money to fix it up, make any minor mods you want, etc. etc. If you have patience and are willing to take the bus for transportation, it's worth it. I'm currently selling my car, dropping my expenses, driving my mom's legacy, and going to work 40 hours a week in the summer. All to buy a z28. it will be worth it, but it's kinda embarassing to be the only junior riding the bus.

posted by  Godlaus

Don't worry just think. What is embarrassing???

It is something that you are aware of. If I was told to get naked in front of anyone that’s embarrassing to me. However, some of the movie stars that get naked in movies its not embarrassing to them. They have over come there concise. It’s funny that if they decide to have kids and when the kids grow up, they can watch their mom naked. :orglaugh: (over coming your concise in bad way.) :banghead:

Good example, if I asked you to pray to God before doing any task. You might at certain situations or in accompany of certain people feel embarrassed. But if you do it once or twice, then it will be like second nature. There you just have over came your concise for good. :clap:

Just need to override your concise and you will be fine. :thumbs:

posted by  ZMan3000

12 grand in 12 months? What kind of Job pays 1000+ plus a month at 16 and 17? If so let me know I want in. You're realisticly have arround $3-8000 to work with. Don't buy out of your budget. If there is one thing you don't wanna do let it be that. A moderatley used Z28 can be bought for well under 8K and with a little work could be worth the same as that 12K without spending the same ammount of money.

You have to search for good deals. Oppurtunity rarely just comes knocking, you have to look for it. Look arround. Theres always someone wanting to get rid of a car or willing to sale one for a decent price. Sometimes people selling cars are just waiting for somone to take it of their hands. Bargain them down.
You're going to "buy" a car not get "sold" one. Finding the right car is almost as hard as picking the right wife. You gotta wait for the right one to come along. Search Search Search, and do more Searching....

posted by  DSMer

I am driving a rear wheel drive vehicle right now in Michigan.... wanna know why? I haven't found the right winter vehicle for me, in my price range. It takes time, sometimes lots depending on location and the car you desire. Why you are against Honda I do not know, but if you are then you are, your call. Like DSMER said there are plenty of cars for you in your price range... and along with Eclipses come Talons, and the harder to find Lasers also which is one type of vehicle I am looking into, for the added traction of the AWD systems some of them have.

To add to ZMAN:

If you see a vehicle you like, call your insurance (or have your parents, sometimes them calling can get a deal) and test drive the vehicle not just once, but twice. You want to know the car isn't just gonna go once then stop. Another simple check would be to ensure that there are no lights going on/staying on the dash. Check out all electronics; lights, cd player/cassette/ wipers, etc. Also check the heat and A/C. When driving be sure to pull a semi hard stop a couple times, just to make sure those brakes are working. Check under the hood for any discolorations around/near pumps. If there is a discoloration ask for an explanation, they won't expect it and if they stutter then you gotta figure there is a leak. Have any friends that are car savvy? Then have them come along, or have them at a waiting point to check the car out... some sellers may come along for the test drive. (I'm sure I am missing stuff, but you've got plenty of things to think about, good luck.)

posted by  Flame Roller

i found a 1988 Honda Prelude 5-speed for $750. I am going to check it out this weekend to see if it is in good condition and stuff. is that all i should check zman?

posted by  Alpha Lobo

I had tons of trouble with my first car (A 1996 Cavalier LS), but so far i've had no troubles with my 98 Altima except existing problems that I knew about. Got it for a good price too (about $1000 below blue book), so I can't complain.

posted by  ThirdeYe

Don't forget to ask him when the timing belt and the water pump were changed. The recommended interval is every 60,000 miles and the parts and labor are around $350 to $500.

Do you know how much mileage is on the car?

Remember to check the trunk for old Honda's because they leak. Look at the spare tire and see if there is rust on it, if so then the trunk leaks. You can probably use that to bargain down the price. This can easily be fixed by using a drill machine. Drilling three or four holes at the lowest point of the trunk will do it. Make sure that the fuel tank is not underneath though.

I would start the bargaining at $300. Just be patient and look at everything and take your time.

Before you pull the trigger just get your self prepared mentally. Think, am I going to be happy with this car. You don’t want to buy something and then week later blame yourself for rushing it.

posted by  ZMan3000

Also when looking into buying a used car checked the ground under the car to look for leaks. check all gaskets and seals. ask the owner if you can take it to your machanic. most shops will take a look at a car for you for pretty cheap and you will be able to get a grocery list of things that might need to be fixed after you buy it. and this can be a very big negotiating tool if there are any problems. and check for uneven tire ware.

posted by  spencedawg

my dad said 500 dollars and i really want a that possible?

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Altimas = :thumbs:

posted by  ThirdeYe

Anything is possible. I built a driveable Neon for $428. It was'nt manual but it had 74K on it and a busted tranny when I got it. I sold it for 1200.

posted by  DSMer

I'm pretty sure I've spent more on tires than that. What parts did you change?

posted by  Godlaus

GET A 300ZX!!! the Z31's they are the most dependable sports cars ever. my buddy has one, you can drive them into the ground and they are quite fast, go to and look in classifieds, tons of 'em. like 2 grand easy. My opinion tho

posted by  darkhorse

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