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hey what modifications should i make to my nissan gtr r33 93 model i need a list of all best performance parts that i should put in to my car to get it running at it best abillity thanks :) [/b]

posted by  azn2nv

Bored out
Bigger, grinded crank
Lengthened crank shaft stroke
Higher compression ratio
Lighter, high compression pistons
High-octane fuel
Alloy head with 5 larger valves and a superior combustion chamber
Quad overhead camshaft with variable timing
High lift rockers with different construction and pad size
Megatronic ignition
Cold spark plugs
Silicone insulated ignition leads with wires wound around ferrite cores and built in capacitors
Change of coil and distributor cap
High energy/performance or sports coil, possibly with a ballast resistor
Induction kit and cold air feed
High performance throttle bodies
Power boost valve
An additional in tank and an out tank fuel pump
Nitrous oxide injection system for 6-8 cylinder engines on twin SUs or single Weber with a 750bhp pulsoid
Nitrous boost controller
Water injection system
Propane injection system
Additional large twin turbos to be stacked onto the original twin turbos
Re-circulating alloy dump valves
Turbo boost controller
3-layered intercoolers with large bore aluminium tubing
Uprated crank case filter
Free flow, big bore stainless steel exhaust system with 4-branch controlled vortex manifold with insulating tape and a sports replacement catalyst
Large water pump pulley
Large aluminium radiator
Swirl pot
High rated radiator cap
Water wetter engine coolant
Large pacet Fan
Large water-cooled oil cooler
Braided steel oil line hoses
Remote oil filter
Dry oil sum
Cerametallic clutch plate
Lightened and balanced flywheel
Straight cut gears with dogs synchronisation
Uprated transmission casing
Balanced propshaft
Stronger halfshafts
Stronger driveshafts
Viscous couplings

posted by  snoopewite

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good god! when i started reading this thread it was 5:00 PM. now look at the damn time.

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You wouldn't happen to have pictures of "your" R33 would you???


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I just wanted to copy and paste this quote too...It looked like fun.

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